Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Notch in the Belt.

Well, I'm finished with another year of teaching.  Today is the last Heart to Heart.  A reflection of the year.

As I've previously discussed I am disgusted with education.  I am having a difficult time in so many ways.  So it's days like today that I am able to see some type of reward for the hours and hours of painstakingly difficult work.

Today they take one  last map test.  On average my kids know 150 countries in the world now.  Which clearly make me feel like I did something of value. But more important I give one last assignment to answer the writing prompt, "How are you a different person than who walked into Miss Parson's door for the first time 9 months ago?"

It's been a rough year in my community, 3 suicides. One was my student. But the overwhelming theme of the answers to the prompt was, "This world is awesome, there are so many amazing people, and I want to help better the world." As a social studies teacher... I don't think there is more I could ask for.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maybe I am an introvert?

Well... Maybe I feel like I have to confess to someone and that's why I am going to blog this story... Or who knows... Maybe someone could use this?

So after school while I was out watering my herb and tomato garden my neighbor upstairs, a cute girl with two little redhead  girls, asked me if I knew about the Relief Society activity that night. I said no and asked what time with full intentions on attending. She said it was on organizing your life. (Kinda a boring subject in my opinion.) so I decided to show up a half hour late hoping to miss most of the lesson. 

So I walked into the church, saw the cultural hall doors open, saw banquet tables of a buffet of food, and saw a gym full of Relief Society sisters....

It was then that I realized I didn't know a single person there! I totally panicked. So what did I do? I turned right around and left. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to wander around looking at cooking utensils.... Pathetic. Humiliating. Who doesn't dare to go to a church activity?!?

I've been trying to sort out in my head what in the world happened ever since!!! I am a perfectly social able, confident, friendly person. What in the world happened to me?  Why did I get so scared I ran out of that church like a dog with his tail between his legs?   It was as I was looking at the pizza stones and paddles that I realized something. I have been in a singles ward for the past 12 years. Twelve. That means I have been in a singles ward for more years as a member of the church than a family ward.  Clearly nothing to brag about but when it comes to singles wards I can do it my sleep. The new semester meet and greet, the Munch and Mingle, the Linger Longer, the Break the Fast, or the weekly Ward Prayers and FHEs. 

But this family ward business... Well tonight clearly shows how armature I am. So instead I bought myself a kitchen tool to make myself feel better and I'll spend the rest of my evening watching My Fair Lady by myself. Who needs friends anyway, right?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Attack of the Lululemon

I knew it would happen.  I really hoped it wouldn't.  But alas here it is.  All of my worked out classes have been plastered with this:
My first introduction to Lululemon was a few years ago Lars and I wondering around some mall.... Might have been Waikiki, or Old Town Pasadena or maybe even the the Americana at Brand in Glendale.  All I know is I remember walking into this all girl workout store and being in heaven. Rows and rows of long workout tops........ shorts in every length possible........... and oh the jackets.  

I started stacking pile after pile of workout clothes in my arms as I couldn't wait to try them on!  Then it happened.  Of course Lars had to be the one to burst my bubble.  He grabbed a price tag.  Probably to a jacket and said, "A HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT DOLLARS?????"  And yes that was when my parader came crashing to a halt   

Well I don't know how it happened.... I have a suspicion that the manager gave all my aerobic instructors gift cards or coupons.... but all I know the past month all my instructors have been wearing only one brand of clothing.... Lululemon.

Of course you can imagine what has happened in my workout classes.  I am blinded by the symbol of the clothes that part of me detests.  As soon as the instructor started wearing the brand.....everyone has too.

I said only part of me detests it because.... the bottom line is.... it produces the most darling workout clothes imaginable.  But $60 for a top and up to $100 for bottoms??? Add shoes socks and sports bra and your outfit can be clothes to $250!!!  Workout 6 days a week.... and that can be over a thousand dollars easily in work out clothes.

But part of me questions.... is it worth it?  

So I gave up caffeine again.  I know I know, I keep doing it.  This time hopefully is for good.  I've been having lame health issues and caffeine doesn't help them.  

So when I used to come to the gym all pumped up ready to go.... now I feel like a half-dead fat slug who just rolled out of bed.  

So I tested a theory the other day... I got up 10 minutes earlier, put on one of my favorite workout outfits and did something I have been totally against .. I put on make up.  

The  result.  I felt better about myself.  I worked harder.  And had a better workout.

My conclusion.  Lululemon.  I will continue to try and avoid you.  But if putting on a $60 shirt makes a girl work out harder.... more power to her.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It's weird.  No matter how much experience I have, no matter how perfect I know I am for a position, no matter how much I have prepared it's still the same.  I still get butterflies.  I still get kinda nervous.  I still shuffle in my seat.

Last week I had a two hour interview.  Yes, 120 grueling minutes.  Ok, it wasn't that grueling because it was really fun to feel the butterflies go away.  It's fun to realize you are the perfect candidate for the job.  It's fun to feel the whole culture change from you trying to impress them to them trying to impress you.

The bummer part?  I didn't take the job.

Can't call me Principal next year..........

But the good news?  It's good to feel those butterflies every once in a while.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Beautiful Idaho Trip

I love Idaho.

I love the river bottoms.

I love the sunsets.

But most of all, I love that whenever I go to Idaho I am reminded what is important, why I am here, and what I'm working so hard to get.

The funeral was beautiful.  All three talks were outstanding.  But probably the one that hit me the most, the one that made me so proud of be H. Oliver Parson's grand daughter was given by my uncle Nolan.  He brought up a point I have never thought of before.  We always talk about Oliver the artist.  Or Oliver the family man.  But what Nolan brought up that I have never thought about before is, Oliver the teacher.  I've always credited my dad for my story telling and teaching skills.  But really it is my grandpa I have to thank.  

There were some fantastic photographers at the event that I am anxiously waiting to see... but until then here are some pictures from the weekend.

Possibly my favorite treat of all time.... Tigers Blood with Cream.

Lars and I love to go asparagus hunting.... Jason doesn't understand because he says, "How do you hunt something that doesn't move?"  Clearly he hasn't hunted for asparagus before and has no idea how difficult it is.  But don't worry, we were successful!!! :)

Just waiting for the sunset....

Idaho will always have a piece of my heart.