Wednesday, April 3, 2013


So yesterday morning was my first day of Spring Break.  It was kinda a really sad thing for me.  Something that I know I should probably just get used to.  I know I know, it's not normal for grown adults to think that just because they have a break from work means they get to party....

But yesterday as I was laying in bed looking outside at the cold rainy day I decided to look at all the blogs I've been neglecting since I haven't had internet.

I first went to this blog: of my old roommate.
Tell me about it, Sister.

Of course it tugged at my heart strings.

Then I randomly saw this blog by some family I don't even know....
The Fife Life

And my heart started melting like a popcicle on the Fourth of July.  (Name that movie :)

And I started thinking about a blog post I wanted to write.  Why is Disneyland just so dang magical?  Why is it that so many people young, old, rich, poor..... it doesn't matter.  Why do so many people fall in love with Disneyland?

It reminded me of something my dad said once while we were there.  I mean my dad for heavens sakes will even go to Disneyland....  the guy that when  climbing the Alps singing with Maria was so bummed that it was so manicured and neat said, "Well... it's alright, but it's certainly not the Tetons." Anyway, one time while at Disneyland he said, "Disneyland is one of the only places left you can go and feel nothing but wholesome goodness."  Sure there is commercialism up to wahzoo... but there is no evil or very little evil.  No expense is spared to feel like you've entered into a completely different reality filled with beauty and laughter.

So I really don't have to finish this blog right, you all know what happened next.  I text my teacher friend and said, "So I know it's late notice, but what are you doing today?"

8 hours later... in a car that gets almost 40 miles to the gallon, I'm sitting here typing this, getting ready to go for a run before we head off to Disneyland.  Jason had class until 10 last night, wants to dirt bike tonight, and I'll be home by the time he gets home on tomorrow.  The entire trip will probably cost me about $175.  And that is how I do Disney..........

P.S.  I probably should have renewed that annual pass I let expire last June... but oh well hind site is always 20/20.

P.S.S.  Man I love road trips.  When we were 36 miles away from Barstow, meaning we had already driven... 500 miles Shanna said, "Wow, this is the first time this entire trip I even looked at how many miles we had left, and that was only because I have to pee."

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