Monday, April 29, 2013


I was on the treadmill when I got a text from my mom this morning letting me know that Grandpa Parson at age 96 passed away. Tears instantly flooded my eyes. (Yes I must have looked ridiculous to the guys running next to me as I wipe tears for the majority of my run) hopefully they just thought it was sweat.

But the wonderful part was they were tears of joy. I thought of the people that were there to greet him. I thought of his wife Myra, his mom... Then I thought of his two grandchildren that passed on before him. What a wonderful experience it must have been.

With death always comes a new found reflection... A reason to look at life and wonder of its purpose. I don't have anything new or profound to say. Sadly I never really knew Grandpa. Being one of 50 grand kids meant I was just one of the herd. But I will alway be indebted to the legacy he created. A legacy of education, of art, and most important, as a convert to the church, a love for the Gospel and a testimony of his Father and Savior. The legacy Oliver Parson created is one I am so proud of and will do everything I can to move it forward.

And let's be honest... What a stud!

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Natalie said...

i'm sorry :(
he totally is a stud!