Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It's quite strange really.  I try so hard to describe to my geography students the value of learning about different areas.  I tell them the story of a woman crying when I knew her home country of Romania was next to the Black Sea.  My students have the hardest time understanding why that would make her cry.  Often a punk student will raise his hand and say, "Let me get this straight... some lady started bawling because you knew where a country was?"

And the answer of course is yes.

So Saturday night we went to get Sushi with one of Jason's friends and his friends from San Diego.  Not just San Diego.... La Jolla/Torrey Pines/Del Mar.... like possibly the most elite beautiful part of the most beautiful county in the United States.  (Clearly my opinion of course)

As we all know, no one loves Southern California more than me.  But when Jason egged (is that how you say it?) on the girl sitting across from me to tell me how cool San Diego is... I couldn't help it.  My blood just started to boil.  I get it.  I know San Diego has perfect weather.  I know it is beautiful.  I know as I have heard over and over again, "People in San Diego are just cooler."  I know my home town is totally podunk.  I know the wind. always. blows.  I know we don't have an ocean, a mall or even a Target.  I know that if my family didn't live there I would probably never return.... well besides as a pit stop on the way to San Diego. :)  But there is still a sense of pride associated with my cute little town.  So you can imagine my joy when the rumors were finally confirmed.  I couldn't be more excited that it's going to be less than a mile from my parent's home.  I couldn't help but have my eyes filled with tears when I finally heard President Monson announce, the Cedar City Temple.


Schuyler said...

We were really excited to hear that too. There's been rumors and I'm glad they finally get one! So cool. Loved seeing you in Cali!

Camile said...

Not even just hometowns, but also home states. I will always stand up for Idaho! (and Utah)

Kennan said...

I think it would make Adam cry that you know where Romania is too. haha #missionlove And having lived in massive cities and small towns I have to say that small towns win every time. :)

Jordan said...

I love that you are a Cedarian!