Friday, April 12, 2013


I knew it would be different.  I knew my life would drastic change.  But it's nights like tonight that make me so unbelievably happy.


Because I'm sitting in my bed in my pjs on a Friday night at 6:46 pm with no plans of getting out any time soon.

Those of you that got married  young or a long time ago might not remember... but I do.  I remember how terrible/guilty/worthless I would feel a year ago if I was sitting home in my pjs in bed on a Friday night.  Especially a night as beautiful as tonight.  Now some of my older single friends have said they got over it.  The idea that every weekend night needed to be filled with dates/parties/or something instagram worthy.  But sadly I never got over it.

And oh how thankful I am that those days are over.

Jason is currently taking a biology test hence I'm in my bed.

But here are some other ways my life has changed.

Here's what we've (me, Sara, and Jake) made this week.
First three recipes are from my cookbook but here they are:
Baked Fish Sticks with Tart Sauce
Huge hit but I would definitely put a little more spice in the bread mix.
Gyro Burger Pitas
FANTASTIC!  Honestly one of the best homemade meals I've had in a long time. It did help that Sara made unreal homemade pitas but the meat... (I used ground turkey with a little bit of hamburger to stretch it a little bit further) was amazing!
Sweet and Sour Meatballs

(My mom's recipe Sara and I have eaten since we were kids...)
Snickerdoodles that finally turned out the second try...

Steak Fajitas last night

and tonight to reward Jason for his hard work... he requested
Tres Leches Cupcakes
(The jury is still out about these.... I'll let you know when Jason tries one)

Speaking of bragging about my husband.  It's weird how life changes.  Having someone else's happiness mean more than your own.  It's an amazing thing.  So you can imagine when I got this picture from him.  Mind you........ he HATES writing.  It's painful for him.  Pulling teeth painful.  (Which clearly I have a difficult time understanding because deep down I secretly wish I was a professional writer.)  Anyway..... here is the results of his last 8 page paper for his critical writing class.

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Camile said...

I'm so glad your life is so happy - you deserve it! It is amazing how another person's accomplishments can become your own in a way (the same thing happens when it's your kids too).

Those recipes look absolutely delicious! I'm always looking for something new to add to our usual rotation, so thanks!