Monday, April 1, 2013

A Tour of Our New Home

Here is a picture tour of our new home.  I must say... this only one roommate thing is pretty fantastic.  Although I really have 8 other roommates.... but that's another post for another day.

We'll start with our kitchen.

I'm really proud of this table.  Pottery Barn... super cute. KSL does it again.
The curtain Jason put up to the next portion of our home:
And our bedroom:

Yes, my mother-in-law made this quilt for us.... tulips and all!!! 

Our couch with our personal quilts from Jason's mom.... yes she is an amazing quilter!
My closet
The rest of our bedroom and his closet.  (I don't know how people share closets.)
Our bathroom:  

 Our spare bedroom/ Jason's study... so anyone that wants to come stay with us :)


 And of course last but least........ the husband, reliving his glory days of high school on his electric guitar.


Natalie Murdock said...

Super cute house! So happy for you!!! And we don't share closets either, too many problems when we tried that :)

jeanine said...

Love it!! We didn't go through your portion of the house so Im glad you posted it!!

Zoe Maude said...

That spare bedrooms mine. Lets be real