Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Will to Live

Tonight... or I guess last night now that is 1 am Jason and I went to see the movie Life of Pi.  The movie started out very fascinating to me.  Some little boy that is kinda a genius of sorts, well has the ability to memorize a whole heck of a lot of numbers, that has a desire to find God and does so through 3 of the 5 major world religions.  It starts out awesome....  but it goes down hill from there for me.  Don't worry I won't spoil it for anyone out there still interested in seeing it.

But a huge portion of the movie is about a young boy's desire to live.  It's like a mixture between Cast Away and Open Water if you saw that depressing bizarre movie a while back.  But as I was watching this boy suffer through insane challenges to stay alive I question the same thing that I questioned when I watched that stupid movie 2012?  Why in the world do humans have such a drive to survive when sometimes there is little hope and really dying might be the better option.

Okay I might spoil the movie.  So stop if you care.   My problem with the movie.  The reason why it's almost 1 am and I can't sleep is because I am so bothered.  (Ok I'm a wreck worried about the wedding plans, trying to accommodate everyone that is going down to the wedding, moving, parent teacher conference, showers/parties, getting out final invites, trying to finalize a guest list.......... and trying to prepare lesson plans for a sub for 7 days)  But we'll pretend I'm just worried about Pi.

He went on an insane journey just to live, just to see another day, just hoping to survive.  But after that journey..... after that life changing adventure...... nothing.  It's hard to even describe it.  Sure you saw the attachment he got to the one thing he believe kept him alive.  Sure you saw the sense of almost betrayal when there was no goodbye.  But seriously????  You just sailed on a rescue boat by yourself across the Pacific Ocean and that is it?

I guess what I was hoping for from the movie was to see how the experience changed Pi.  I was hoping to know that now he saw how valuable life is that he would go out and do something to significantly impact or change the world.

Back when I taught older students one time I had a prompt on the board for the students to write about, "Why are you not a waste of carbon?"  Kind of a depressing way to ask such a profound question but I kinda like it that way.  Almost like defend your reason to exist.  Humans innately have such a drive to survive, a will to live.  And with that I also want to believe that human have a desire to improve the world in which they live.  So after watching a movie about a boy struggling so hard to survive I kinda hoped that his struggled helped him see the value of life in some new found way that would significantly change his behavior in the future.  And sadly I didn't see that in the movie.

But on a funnier note... we had gift certificates to a movie theater where I teach.  I've started to avoid doing anything near where I teach.... because sure it's fun every once in a while to hear MISS PARSON!!  But sometimes it gets old or awkward.  So by the time we got done eating dinner and had two past student come up to us... Jason thought I needed a disguise.
Worked like a charm!

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