Friday, February 1, 2013

By George, I think She's Got it!

Sometimes I like to dream of a world beyond the classroom.  Of course I love my kids, but sometimes the bureaucracy of school just wears you down.  Yesterday was one of those days.  One of those days when I was so depressed about teaching that I almost couldn't do it.  And THEN I went into my first period and the students failed, bombed, absolutely terrible on a test they should have done great on.  (Sure it was a map test on Eastern Europe, and no one really cares about Eastern Europe, I mean honestly, do you know where Moldova is?) But still...

I text Jason some overly dramatic text.... good thing he is learning that I like to be really dramatic, because I felt bad when he actually came rushing to my side when I text him, "I think I am dying."  because my pain level was significantly high...

But then a student was in the middle of a presentation on the culture of Russia when he said something and it hit me.  Like a bolt of lightening.  It really was like a weight I've felt for years wondering what in the world I would like to do was lifted off my shoulders.

What would I like to do you ask?  Be a travel agent. Duh right??????

I teach World Geography.  I love traveling.  I love organizing trips.  Why in the world didn't I think of this years ago??????????????????????????????

Now don't worry Dad, I am not going to get any crazy idea like quitting my job for this new found dream.  But I think this summer I am going to go try and work for an agency.  Now do I have any idea what that means?  Nope.  Do I have any idea what kind of experience I'd need or how I'd do it?  Nope.  But by George, I think I've got it!

P.S. if anyone knows anything about how I could go about living this new found dream... any idea help would be fantastic.


Camile said...

I know nothing about what it takes to be a travel agent. But, I will be one of your clients some day! :)

The UnMighty said...

I actually to a course on this in college. Go rent a small store front in a shopping area. Pick a catchy travel-ish name. Hang some pictures of planes and cruise ships around the office.
BOOM! You're an agent! Congratulations!