Thursday, February 28, 2013


Nine days people... Nine days. Now of course the last THREE Saturdays in Southern California have been blissful... 80 degrees perfectly sunny with 0-10% chance of rain. This coming Saturday is no exception to this rule. But of course... Because clearly I haven't worried enough... The 10 day forecast suggests I should be a bit worried. Last night at a faculty dinner before Parent Teacher Conference a teacher suggested we should have a Faculty Fast to ensure no rain on my outdoor wedding.... although I really appreciated the concern... I compared that to the Children's Crusade.  (For those of you who aren't familiar it was when 1,000 children marched from Germany down to the Mediterranean Sea on their way to the Holy Land to take it back from the Infidels.  They thought that not only would God open the windows of Heaven to provide basic necessities but also thought when they got to the Mediterranean Sea that it would part like unto the Red Sea and they would be able to walk to Jerusalem.... well those who didn't die of starvation or cold as they crossed the Alps were captured by ruthless merchants when they got to the Mediterranean Sea and sold into slavery.)

I am still hopeful about the weather of my wedding day.  I think San Diego will pull through for me.  But on a much happier note.  Here is a picture of my announcement.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.  Simple.  Classy.  Elegant.  (perfect invite for a 70 year old Billionaire birthday party :)


And I have to tell you about this picture.... this was our third attempt taking engagement pictures.  How did we get Jason to actually smile?  My dear aunt Raine had to tell him a kinda shady joke.  Worked like a charm....

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Will to Live

Tonight... or I guess last night now that is 1 am Jason and I went to see the movie Life of Pi.  The movie started out very fascinating to me.  Some little boy that is kinda a genius of sorts, well has the ability to memorize a whole heck of a lot of numbers, that has a desire to find God and does so through 3 of the 5 major world religions.  It starts out awesome....  but it goes down hill from there for me.  Don't worry I won't spoil it for anyone out there still interested in seeing it.

But a huge portion of the movie is about a young boy's desire to live.  It's like a mixture between Cast Away and Open Water if you saw that depressing bizarre movie a while back.  But as I was watching this boy suffer through insane challenges to stay alive I question the same thing that I questioned when I watched that stupid movie 2012?  Why in the world do humans have such a drive to survive when sometimes there is little hope and really dying might be the better option.

Okay I might spoil the movie.  So stop if you care.   My problem with the movie.  The reason why it's almost 1 am and I can't sleep is because I am so bothered.  (Ok I'm a wreck worried about the wedding plans, trying to accommodate everyone that is going down to the wedding, moving, parent teacher conference, showers/parties, getting out final invites, trying to finalize a guest list.......... and trying to prepare lesson plans for a sub for 7 days)  But we'll pretend I'm just worried about Pi.

He went on an insane journey just to live, just to see another day, just hoping to survive.  But after that journey..... after that life changing adventure...... nothing.  It's hard to even describe it.  Sure you saw the attachment he got to the one thing he believe kept him alive.  Sure you saw the sense of almost betrayal when there was no goodbye.  But seriously????  You just sailed on a rescue boat by yourself across the Pacific Ocean and that is it?

I guess what I was hoping for from the movie was to see how the experience changed Pi.  I was hoping to know that now he saw how valuable life is that he would go out and do something to significantly impact or change the world.

Back when I taught older students one time I had a prompt on the board for the students to write about, "Why are you not a waste of carbon?"  Kind of a depressing way to ask such a profound question but I kinda like it that way.  Almost like defend your reason to exist.  Humans innately have such a drive to survive, a will to live.  And with that I also want to believe that human have a desire to improve the world in which they live.  So after watching a movie about a boy struggling so hard to survive I kinda hoped that his struggled helped him see the value of life in some new found way that would significantly change his behavior in the future.  And sadly I didn't see that in the movie.

But on a funnier note... we had gift certificates to a movie theater where I teach.  I've started to avoid doing anything near where I teach.... because sure it's fun every once in a while to hear MISS PARSON!!  But sometimes it gets old or awkward.  So by the time we got done eating dinner and had two past student come up to us... Jason thought I needed a disguise.
Worked like a charm!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting Nervous?

I laugh when people ask me that.  It's such a weird question.  How do you answer it?  If the truth was, "Yes, I am having second thoughts, I don't know if I want to go through with it!"  Does my co-worker across the lunch table with 20 other people listening really think I would divulge that?

But luckily for me....the past couple of months being engaged to Jason have been hands down the most wonderful time of my life... so it's a super easy decision.

I guess if I'm nervous at all, I'm nervous for it to change.  Life is just so wonderful right now.  We are the pathetic twitterpated skunks on Bambi.  Like last night, we went to our couples message class... did I tell you about that?  For Valentine's Day I signed us up for a couple message class.  Quite the eclectic group but been super awesome.  Anyways last night after class when we drove back to my house, we just sat in the car and stared at each other.  Just giggling and teasing and... staring.  This happens quite often.  We just sit in the car and stare at each other not wanting in the moment to end.

Like I've mentioned before, I am ridiculously happy.  Like corny as Kansas in August, high as a kite on the fourth of July. What am I nervous about? I'm so bummed that life can't always be like this.  That eventually a time will come when we won't just sit and stare into each other's eyes and be ridiculously annoyingly giddy.

But the good news is.... I've enjoyed every moment of it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Wedding Present

We know how I love original art AND Disney.  My friend Joan, the art teacher, made me this awesome piece!  Jason and I are Cinderella and Prince Charming in the center... then Jason's old self is Peter Pan flying away.  But here is the really cool thing, the rest of the characters represent a teacher or administrator at my school!  It is absolutely darling!  (Joan is Rapunzel in the bottom right corner)  I'm so excited to keep it in my classroom until I have a nursery to put it in. ;)
Sorry it's blurry and has a glare....... you'll just have to come see it in person! :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Perfect V Day

I've written about it before.  For some unknown reason no matter what team it is.... I always seem to cheer for the loser.  Besides the Chicago Bulls winning streak of the 1990s every team I have ever been invested in has lost.  It's like I almost forgot it was possible to have a happy ending to a sport season.  If you remember this blogspot, I went through play by play of all the agonizing I have done over defeats.  But I think my luck has finally began to change.  Why?

Last night my little 9th graders won the Utah Valley Championship.  Really.  It might be the first time ever I've watched a team actually win.  I won't go through the list of times I've watched a team take second.... including that one time I coached.  But last night it finally happened.  Despite our star so sick he looked blue, even when there was a point I was positive we weren't going to pull through, we won.

As Jason and I walked out even before they pour the cooler of water on their coach, cut down the net, or received their ginormous trophy I turned to Jason and said,

"Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day of Love

Here's to every Valentine's Day for the rest of my life......
Definitely can not complain.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ridiculously Happy.

No I'm not dead... only mostly dead.  For those of you that are bummed that now I am getting married my blog is getting really boring and afraid that it will forever more be boring... your fear is probably true.  At least hold out for the wedding video and pictures :)

This weekend I ventured up to Idaho to spend some time with some of my favorite people.  As I was driving through the banks of the Snake River with the sun setting causing the whole snowy world to turn blue with the brilliant orange skeletons of cottonwood trees...  nalastagia took over like it always does.  I will always be grateful for my dad and how he taught me to love the beauty of nature.  Especially those stupid riverbanks of the Snake.  I don't know why, but it always gets me.

Anyway!  Back to the blast we had this weekend!  I love my family so much!  But sadly I was pretty darn miserable with a fever that got up to 104.  I don't know if I have ever known myself to get a fever that high.  Mom?

But the point is, I have been pretty darn miserable ever since.  I taught Monday........ barely.  Taught today......barely.  I can not wait to get in bed!

Now back to the title.  The almost difficult thing to comprehend, even though I am absolutely miserable, I am ridiculously happy.  So happy I can not even think straight.  I had no idea life could be so great.

Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm getting married in the morning....

in 28 days.

Time has gone so. slow. since December 28th that I have just accept that Jason and I will never actually get to get married I'll just be planning this wedding forever.  So you can imagine my shock when a student came bouncing into my classroom a couple of days ago almost singing, "Miss Parson, you get married in 30 days!!!!"  (yes I thought it was a bit creepy he had a count down going until I remember March 9th is also his 16th birthday which especially in Mormon culture is anticipated almost as much as a wedding day)

So for the past 2 days I've spent a large portion of my time scoring, folding, taping, print, and stuffing my invitations.  My uncle, who is a typography professor, created our logo on our announcement.  I am so so so excited about it!

Point is.  Let's cross our fingers that the next 28 days fly by!  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So Excited

So this weekend Jason and I flew down to LA to have Lars film part of our wedding video.  We filmed it in Lars Land also known as Colby Trail.  It was absolutely beautiful!  I can not even begin to explain how excited I am for this!  Lars is so skilled and I can not wait to show you all! :)  But to hold me us over until March 9... here is one of Lars' videos that will be similar to ours.

If you know anyone getting married tell them to look up Lars.  He's fantastic and loves to travel. :) His website is

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I think it started with Brett and Heidi's wedding... at least that if the first time I remember it happening.  I have 50 first cousins on my dad's side.  If that isn't unusual enough I have 12 girl cousins within like 3-4 years of me.  I can not even describe how fun that was!  Or the drama that caused...

But I think it was when Brett and Heidi got married back when we were probably 15 years old that the tradition started.  With 50 first cousins we have had a lot of weddings.  And with those weddings the tradition continued.  Either the night before or the night of the wedding the girl cousins would get together and.... talk.  Ask questions, share information gathered since the last wedding, and basically get educated about the birds and the bees.

Through time this tradition continued and got bigger.  With time it's started to include aunts and even from time to time a creepin' uncle with a camera or a curious boy cousin.

Well seeing how I am the very last of the 50 girl Parson cousins to get married.... we figured this probably is the last hurrah.  And you better believe it is going to be a party!  Raine made a fabulous invitation for the event!!!!  Here it is!

I know.... part of you just wishes you could be a fly on the wall at this event.

Friday, February 1, 2013

By George, I think She's Got it!

Sometimes I like to dream of a world beyond the classroom.  Of course I love my kids, but sometimes the bureaucracy of school just wears you down.  Yesterday was one of those days.  One of those days when I was so depressed about teaching that I almost couldn't do it.  And THEN I went into my first period and the students failed, bombed, absolutely terrible on a test they should have done great on.  (Sure it was a map test on Eastern Europe, and no one really cares about Eastern Europe, I mean honestly, do you know where Moldova is?) But still...

I text Jason some overly dramatic text.... good thing he is learning that I like to be really dramatic, because I felt bad when he actually came rushing to my side when I text him, "I think I am dying."  because my pain level was significantly high...

But then a student was in the middle of a presentation on the culture of Russia when he said something and it hit me.  Like a bolt of lightening.  It really was like a weight I've felt for years wondering what in the world I would like to do was lifted off my shoulders.

What would I like to do you ask?  Be a travel agent. Duh right??????

I teach World Geography.  I love traveling.  I love organizing trips.  Why in the world didn't I think of this years ago??????????????????????????????

Now don't worry Dad, I am not going to get any crazy idea like quitting my job for this new found dream.  But I think this summer I am going to go try and work for an agency.  Now do I have any idea what that means?  Nope.  Do I have any idea what kind of experience I'd need or how I'd do it?  Nope.  But by George, I think I've got it!

P.S. if anyone knows anything about how I could go about living this new found dream... any idea help would be fantastic.