Friday, January 11, 2013

Wedding Plans.

Sorry to interrupt Jason and I's love story, but wedding plans are getting the best of me!  Along with swearing I'd never buy a wedding dress... I promised myself I wouldn't turn into a stressed out Bridezilla.  Contrary to my previous beliefs... that is very difficult, especially when trying to plan a dream wedding in 2 months.

I'm so tempted to show you every detail of my wedding down to the AMAZING logo my uncle emailed me last night for our announcement.  In the next 57 days there is a chance I will break down and tell you everything, but until then I'm trying to hold out and have it be a surprise for those of you that are coming!

I'll just tell you my theme.  I have to thank my roommate Emmie for my theme.  She LOVES the movie Meet Joe Black.  I've tried to watch it before but have never gotten far without falling asleep.  Jason finally got me to watch it in the early stage of our dating.  (We still had to split it into two nights.)  But it was from that movie that I got my theme for my wedding.  When I told Jason the end of the movie was exactly what I wanted our wedding to look like he said, "Let me get this straight.  The theme for our wedding is a 70 year old billionaire's birthday party?  My response, "Exactly."


The UnMighty said...
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The UnMighty said...

I thought you were going to say you wanted to replace the groom with Brad Pitt. Or Death.