Monday, January 14, 2013

Spin Doctors - Two Princes

The night after our first date I got set up with another guy.  In the history of opposite... Jason and this kid might be able to compete.  How to describe him... hmm... you know the total meat head you would only see at Gold's Gym because you are positive he lives there?  That would describe this kid well.  I wouldn't be surprised if he could move a semi truck by himself.  Very serious.  Very competitive.  Wanted to be a Navy Seal.

He took me shooting on our date.  (I am very pro guns but honestly, kinda hate shooting them.)  I was shaking so bad just being in the indoor shooting range that I didn't want to touch a gun.  Every time the people shooting next to us shot a huge gun that shook the whole building I honestly about peed my pants.  I was a wreck.  He was so disgusted with how scared I was.  He insisted that we weren't leaving the range until I shot the gun.  I begged and begged not to.  I tried every witty thing I could think of.  I tried to flatter him enough that he wouldn't make me.  I even told him he was a good shot.  (He was terrible.) Finally I just picked up the stupid gun and started shooting.  I have no idea how it happened but I shot a near perfect round.  I think it was that or maybe it was our discussion about Xerxes and the battle of Thermopylae ... but he told me by the end of the night that he was really interested in seriously dating me and seeing where it could go.  Might have even mentioned the M word.

And this is where the Spin Doctors come in.  If they didn't write the song in 1993 I'm positive it's what happened over the next 2 weeks of my life.  Now I know it sounds fun to date two guys at the same time.  But honestly, it was tough!  They both wanted to schedule dates on the same day, so I'd go out with one at 7 and meet up with the other at 9:30.  Imagine the stress I was feeling at 9:20 when one date was still sitting on my couch and the other date was going to be there in 10 minutes.  There is a chance that they even passed each other walking to and from the parking lot of my house...

Here is the interesting thing, after a few dates with Jason, I told him there was another guy.  I felt like I needed to be 100% honest with him.  I even told Jason that although I liked him more, I was trying my hardest to like the other guy.  The other guy was safe, secure, responsible and Jason.... do I need to remind you about this?
 or this?

So after I told Jason about the other guy he told me he wasn't going to kiss me again until I ditched the other guy. My response, in complete shock that he didn't ditch me (I had just told him that I was trying my hardest to not like him and to like another guy) was, "Great!"


The UnMighty said...

Are those actual pictures of Jason, or just pictures from the net that represent his lifestyle?

The UnMighty said...

Also, do you have the Navy Seal's phone number? I kind of want to ask him on a man date?

Kris said...

Yes... that is a picture of Jason jumping in Rock Canyon.

As for the Navy Seal's number.... I got him to read all my Ron Paul isolationist books about the history of the Middle East... Last I heard he wasn't going to join the Military anymore and was thinking of joining the bum in front of the White House that's been protesting war for 46 years.
So if you like smelly hippys... I'll send ya his number.