Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Party Time!

This weekend my aunt threw Jason and I a family party... or "Couples Shower" as they would call it on the OC.  I was thrilled to have this party because this is really the only event my 87 year old grandparents will be attending for my wedding.  As I have mentioned time and time again I adore my grandparents more than words can express.  As Chad likes to joke, if you ever want me to cry I will burst into tears with the mention of my bad dog Akela (we had for 15 years and I loved to hate her) or my grandparents.  They have been such a wonderful support to me and I am so grateful for their love and sacrifice. (Yes tears are forming.)

So we had a really fun party, despite the terrible weather conditions, and I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family.  We played the Newly Weds Game.  Jason and I versus my parents, grandparents, and an aunt and uncle.  Anyone who knows my dad will not be shocked to here that he and my mom won.  They always win.  But it was really fun to see how well I know Jason and in turn he knows me.

Here are some pictures although I really should have brought a real camera instead of just using my stupid phone...

 My sweetheart Grandma has given every granddaughter a hand quilted quilt as a wedding present.  I will always cherish my quilt. I think it was actually right before I met Jason I was up visiting my grandparents and at the end of the visit my grandma told me, "Kristin, you can take your quilt, I want you to have it."  It took everything in me not to cry in front of my grandma when I told her that I'd like to wait until I was getting married.  I'm so thrilled she was able to be there and give the quilt to Jason and I.

 But of course it isn't a party without pictures of the food!  My darling cousin Lacey did an amazing job on the food!  She actually has a blog showing her creations.  You can find it here: Laceybart

I stole these pictures from her blog because by the time I got to the food it was mostly eaten!

And who was it eaten by you might ask.... 


Camile said...

I've never met your grandma - but I LOVE her! How wonderful to have a quilt made by her own hands!

Sounds like a super fun party and the food does look amazing!

Kristen said...

Grandma's are SO special! What a beautiful quilt!

Jeremy and Annisha and family said...

Looks like so much fun!! I'm so sad we missed it!