Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Story

Well now that it's all official I figure I should tell our story.  I mean who doesn't enjoy a good love story right?

So it all started when I came back from Christmas Break last year.  Although I came back with a gorgeous Florida tan and great pictures the relationship I had been in was clearly over.  Everyone was devastated to see another hope of a relationship fall apart.... people were more devastated than I was, particularly my students.  They would voice their concerns about how I am not married.  They would tell me they were afraid I would end up like Ms. SoandSo down the hall who is 60 years old, single, and only friend is her cats.  They tried so hard to be helpful.  Students would light up with an idea when they would say, "I know Miss Parson!  You should date my uncle (or brother) (or cousin) (or next door neighbor)"  Of course I would have no idea what to say when a student suggested such things.  I mean clearly it's kinda awkward, embarrassing really.  I don't really want to meet my students' brothers, uncles, neighbors, or whatever.... but who knows right???  I am not getting any younger... but of course I didn't want to act exited about the thought of my student setting me up with someone.  So I usually try to downplay the situation by just passively saying, "Well tell your uncle, brother, neighbor to look me up on facebook."   And usually that was the end of it.

Now this was a normal occurance what I just mentioned.  It's happened lots of times through my 7 years of teaching.  So when a girl came in and said, "Miss Parson, you need to meet this guy that works for my dad."  It's like I went into auto pilot.  She showed me this picture,

I smiled and said, "That's nice.  Tell him to look me up on facebook."  And that was the end of it.

Until April 6, 2012 this random guy added me on facebook.

He also sent a message."Um, so Alyssa said it was alright to add you.  Hope that's okay. ;)  How long have you been teaching in PG?"  I was super embarrassed   I mean think about it.  Imagine how this conversation must have gone, "So uh.... I have this teacher.  She needs a boyfriend really bad.  We don't want her to end up alone with cats."

You can imagine my relief when he asked for my number and I could say, "Here it is, but I'm in Hawaii for the next week."  Honestly.... I thought this would be the end of it.

But clearly it wasn't.

Tomorrow: The First Date


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Laura Barker said...

Oh girl! One post at a time?! You're killing me!! This is like downton abbey all over! But I'm pretty excited :)

Kris said...
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Camile said...

Yay! I'm so excited for a love story!!

Natalie said...

YES! cannot wait for the chronicles of Jason & Kristin. This is going to be epic. Also, i agree with Maggie. We need a pic of that ring STAT!!