Monday, January 7, 2013

Our First Encounter

April 17th, 2012

I wish I had kept a better journal... but I always knew this would happen.  All my failed relationships of the past, I have a day by day, play by play of the rise, the climax, and the fall.  Now that I have a relationship that I should remember for the rest of my life.... I was way too into it to spend hours pouring my thoughts, emotions, and details into a journal... So everything has to go from memory.

All I can remember was looking at one missed call from a random number and a voicemail and thinking, "Great, now I'm going to have to call this guy back."  I hate the phone.  I get major anxiety calling anyone besides my mother, oh and Joanie.  So I remember I was in my room sitting on my bed listening to the phone ring thinking, "What in the world am I going to talk to this guy about?"  I stalked his Facebook page and honestly... it didn't seem too promising.  We had nothing in common.

I wish I remember the details of the conversation on the phone.  All I remember is looking around my room and it was perfectly clean and down at the phone and in complete shock realized we had just talked for 57 minutes.  I remember a distinct feeling of embarrassment about that length of time.  Usually I am very conscious of the time so I reviewed the conversation quickly in my head to make sure I didn't do any of my possible deal breaker tendencies.  Politics.... no.  Homeschooling... no.  Talk too much... no.  I was shocked.  I had just had an honest to goodness enjoyable conversation with some random guy on the phone... for an hour!  He had scheduled a date for 2 days later and although I didn't want to admit it.  I was excited.

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olivia said...

I can't believe it!
I need to visit you.
like. to-day.
just kidding. but this week.

I'm bringing chocolate and a kneaders smoothie. what i is your favorite kind of each?