Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our First Date.

April 19,2012

My hair was straight, I was wearing my favorite black and white tank with a red cardigan, and of course flat shoes because I had no idea how tall this guy was.  But of course, if you remember back to here, I had on my Clark Kent glasses.  

The meeting is a total blurr... I don't remember if we hugged or shook hands or who knows, sometimes I throw out random high-fives in awkward situations.  I remember getting into his pick up and him asking where I'd like to go eat.  I of course pretended to be a passive girl and say I don't care.  (What girl actually throws out a suggestion on a first date, a blind date no less???)  So Jason headed towards Texas Road House.

I remember coming up with an interesting topic of conversation.  I was about to interview for a new job so we talked about interview questions particularly the all so famous, "What is your worst quality?" question.  I remember saying something clever and him laughing.  It was then that I knew... tonight, I was going to be a rock star.  Maybe it was the "Sexy librarian" glasses or maybe it was the fact that after that moment I had determined it so... who knows, but Jason was interiged and I knew it.

It was here that the date started to go down hill for Jason, really down hill.  I wish that I dared to put all the ways it was bad on a public blog... but I don't.  So I'll give a few examples but know the really good ones.... the ones that made it so awful that Jason thought I'd never ever consider going out with him are never going to be published.

It started with dinner.  He ordered his steak medium rare.  Ew.  But when they brought out his steak it was well-done.  He started to eat it, complained a little, so when the waitress came over and asked how his steak was he showed her how it clearly overcooked.  She apologized, took back the steak, and I awkwardly ate my delicious grilled shrimp salad while he stared at me.  She brought out another steak.  Sadly... the steak once again, was way over cooked.  But I figured he'd just eat it.... nope.  When the waitress asked him how this steak was, he showed her again.  WHO IS THIS GUY?  So she took back the steak again.  By the time the THIRD steak came out... I was done eating, ready to go... and of course once again, the steak was way over done. Jason complained as he ate just the very middle of the steak swearing he'd never return to Texas Roadhouse again... I remember just laughing as I thought, "I sure he isn't as picky with his woman as he is with his steak."

After he finally finished eating he suggested we go to a movie I was of course hesitant.  I mean it was almost my bedtime... and we all know I struggle with movies.  He pulled out his phone to check movie times and there was an awkward message on his phone.  I blushed as I pretended like I didn't see it.  After scrolling through all the movies playing in the theater and concluding there wasn't anything we wanted to see he suggested we go get a Red Box.  I was thrilled when we finally left the restaurant because I was positive our poor waitress not only spit in our food but probably told all the other employees about the picky guy on table 17.

So we got to a Red Box and looked through all the movies.  When we finally came to some sort of agreement, he opened his wallet to grab a credit card and said, "Uh oh, I only have cash"  I started to head back to the truck to get my purse while saying, "Don't worry, I'll pay for it."  with a little bit of a grin on my face... this is terrible!!

He refused and we headed back to his place to watch t.v.  Of course when we got back to his house, his roommate was already in the middle of watching some foreign film with sub titles.  So Jason and I awkwardly sat on the loveseat while his roomie sprawled out on the large couch.  His roommate sat and shamelessly tried to flirt with me thinking I would swoon over his English accent.  I mean it was hilarious, this kid trying to pick up on me while I was on a date with his roommate.  He flirted, I made sassy jokes.... it was a blast.  I remember at one point looking over at Jason, and this was probably the most impressive moment of the entire night, he didn't try and compete with his obnoxious roommate, he just sat back played it cool so confident that I wouldn't fall for his roommate.

Jason finally suggested that we leave the family room, and the roommate from Hong Kong.  He took me down into his bed room... and next thing I know I'm awkwardly sitting on the edge of his bed while he leans against his desk telling me he used to be in a band and starts playing his guitar.  He plays around for a minute until I recognize that he's just started playing.... "Kiss the girl."  It's probably at this point that the Hong Kong roommate enters the bedroom trying to get in a few more pick up lines that I suggest... it's probably time that I go home.  This was just too much.

I don't remember the drive home or the door scene.  I don't remember if I said we should go out again or if it was nice to meet him.  The only other memory I have is later that night or next morning calling Zoe and saying, "Uh oh.  This boy is trouble... but I might really like him."


Camile said...

Oh my gosh! bad first date! That is hilarious!

The UnMighty said...

The old guitar in the bedroom routine, huh? Classic.