Thursday, January 31, 2013


You know that song in Sound of Music when the Captain and Maria are standing there arm in arm with the moonlight shining down on their faces singing a song about how some how, some way at some point in their life they must have done something good to deserve to find each other?

Yeah I always hated that song.

I mean look at what it suggests?  It suggests that those who find someone did something good which by default suggests that those who don't didn't.  Not something that a sensitive lonely single girl wants thrown in her face...

But love is a crazy thing.  (Caution ridiculously sappy love struck engaged girl ahead)

Honestly I don't know how I got so lucky.  Jason jokes that he got this lucky because of all those below freezing days that he went out tracting in upstate New York on the mission.... and suggests I must have done something really good in the pre-existence.... which I recognize makes us just as cheesy or more cheesy than the Captain and Maria.  But the crazy thing is... it's almost like it's the only way we can possible explain the situation we are in.

I really started to doubt this idea of love.  That someone could love me and I in turn could love someone so much that we'd think that facing the world together in despite it's challenges would be better together than alone.  I really started to doubt that could happen.  But yesterday as Jason and I were just cuddling on the couch I said, "Why do you love me?"  (I was in a bad mood, sometimes teaching just beats the heck out of me, and yesterday was one of those days.)  Jason's response, "I don't have a choice."  I laughed, "Jason that's not very comforting.  Are you saying if you had a choice you wouldn't?"  He thought a minute and said, "It's like I was just born to love you."

Now why in the world do I write this cheesy post?  Two-Fold: I'm sure someday in the not too near future I might forget how lucky I feel today, I hear marriage is a roller coaster.  And I want to remember.  Second... those of you singles out there that taste a bit of throw up in your mouth right now as you are reading... I get it.  Keep your chin up. "I thought love was only meant for fairy tales.  Meant for someone else but not for me.  Love was out to get me, or that's the way it seemed.  Disappointment haunted all my dreams.  Then I saw his face... now I'm a believer."
Still my favorite picture.

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Natalie said...

i just died. the cheese in this post is amazing!