Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"I'm not going to share you."

For the next week or so I was dating Jason and Military Man.  As much as I saw Military Man as the more stable option, the more time I spent with Jason the more I liked him.  I knew Jason and I had a connection.  Jason knew we had a connection.  So you can imagine his shock when the following happened.

One night after finishing Meet Joe Black, Jason and I were talking.  I could tell that he really wanted to kiss me, which he promised he wouldn't do until I ditched Military Man.  Finally almost out of frustration he said, "I don't want to share you.  Ditch him and be with me.  I know it's only been a few weeks and I usually don't move this fast, but you are a keeper and I want to be with you."  

Now I'm sure he was imagining that this scene of our story would be similar to my all time favorite scene where Seth declares to Summer, "Acknowledge me now or lose me forever."

But no.

Rather I said, "Change your life.  Become the man and live the life that you say you want and come find me when you are done."  (AKA stop risking your life in the name of adrenaline) 

And I let him walk out the door.


Natalie said...

so far, this is my favorite chapter!!

Kev and Niki said...

Loving this!!! More please :)