Thursday, January 31, 2013


You know that song in Sound of Music when the Captain and Maria are standing there arm in arm with the moonlight shining down on their faces singing a song about how some how, some way at some point in their life they must have done something good to deserve to find each other?

Yeah I always hated that song.

I mean look at what it suggests?  It suggests that those who find someone did something good which by default suggests that those who don't didn't.  Not something that a sensitive lonely single girl wants thrown in her face...

But love is a crazy thing.  (Caution ridiculously sappy love struck engaged girl ahead)

Honestly I don't know how I got so lucky.  Jason jokes that he got this lucky because of all those below freezing days that he went out tracting in upstate New York on the mission.... and suggests I must have done something really good in the pre-existence.... which I recognize makes us just as cheesy or more cheesy than the Captain and Maria.  But the crazy thing is... it's almost like it's the only way we can possible explain the situation we are in.

I really started to doubt this idea of love.  That someone could love me and I in turn could love someone so much that we'd think that facing the world together in despite it's challenges would be better together than alone.  I really started to doubt that could happen.  But yesterday as Jason and I were just cuddling on the couch I said, "Why do you love me?"  (I was in a bad mood, sometimes teaching just beats the heck out of me, and yesterday was one of those days.)  Jason's response, "I don't have a choice."  I laughed, "Jason that's not very comforting.  Are you saying if you had a choice you wouldn't?"  He thought a minute and said, "It's like I was just born to love you."

Now why in the world do I write this cheesy post?  Two-Fold: I'm sure someday in the not too near future I might forget how lucky I feel today, I hear marriage is a roller coaster.  And I want to remember.  Second... those of you singles out there that taste a bit of throw up in your mouth right now as you are reading... I get it.  Keep your chin up. "I thought love was only meant for fairy tales.  Meant for someone else but not for me.  Love was out to get me, or that's the way it seemed.  Disappointment haunted all my dreams.  Then I saw his face... now I'm a believer."
Still my favorite picture.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Party Time!

This weekend my aunt threw Jason and I a family party... or "Couples Shower" as they would call it on the OC.  I was thrilled to have this party because this is really the only event my 87 year old grandparents will be attending for my wedding.  As I have mentioned time and time again I adore my grandparents more than words can express.  As Chad likes to joke, if you ever want me to cry I will burst into tears with the mention of my bad dog Akela (we had for 15 years and I loved to hate her) or my grandparents.  They have been such a wonderful support to me and I am so grateful for their love and sacrifice. (Yes tears are forming.)

So we had a really fun party, despite the terrible weather conditions, and I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family.  We played the Newly Weds Game.  Jason and I versus my parents, grandparents, and an aunt and uncle.  Anyone who knows my dad will not be shocked to here that he and my mom won.  They always win.  But it was really fun to see how well I know Jason and in turn he knows me.

Here are some pictures although I really should have brought a real camera instead of just using my stupid phone...

 My sweetheart Grandma has given every granddaughter a hand quilted quilt as a wedding present.  I will always cherish my quilt. I think it was actually right before I met Jason I was up visiting my grandparents and at the end of the visit my grandma told me, "Kristin, you can take your quilt, I want you to have it."  It took everything in me not to cry in front of my grandma when I told her that I'd like to wait until I was getting married.  I'm so thrilled she was able to be there and give the quilt to Jason and I.

 But of course it isn't a party without pictures of the food!  My darling cousin Lacey did an amazing job on the food!  She actually has a blog showing her creations.  You can find it here: Laceybart

I stole these pictures from her blog because by the time I got to the food it was mostly eaten!

And who was it eaten by you might ask.... 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Students say the darnedest things.

My friend teaches art at my school.  She gets to hear all sorts of interesting conversations between students as they draw.

Two 9th grade girl students talking yesterday:

Student one: "I don't think I want to get married right away, I think I'd like to wait a little while."

Student two: "Yeah but you wouldn't want to wait too long."

Student one: "Oh no, I would never wait as long as Miss Parson."

Friday, January 25, 2013


I am so so so excited for March 9th to come for so many different reasons!  I'm excited to get out of this blasted cold!  I'm excited to slow dance with Jason to Louis Armstrong.  I'm excited to get all dressed up and get married in a castle.  I'm excited to spend a few days on the beach of Cabo doing absolutely nothing... well almost nothing ;)  I'm excited to this vision of our special day finally come to life.  But probably what I am most excited about... is all of you that are coming to celebrate with me.

People are so important to me.  You are so important to me.  And I can not beginning to express how touch I am with all of you that are coming.  I'm so excited I can't think straight.  So thank you.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Turn Around

Jason asked me last night, "What are you going to type now?  The rest of our story is relatively boring."

Ha. Ha. Ha.

It was when I read Jason's personality profile from the Myer and Briggs book Please Understand Me that I realized I really really was in trouble.  Jason flippantly answered the questions thinking there was no way these stupid questions would be able to see into his soul and help explain and understand him in a way that people never had before.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

I don't want to  bore you with a lame personality test.  But here are a few excerpts:

Not only impulsive, Crafters are fearless in their play, risking themselves again and again, despite frequent injury. Of all the types, this personality is most likely to pit themselves, or their technique, against chance odds There can be no end to the ways they seek thrills in their recreation, daring disaster for the fun of it. They thrive on excitement, especially the form of fast motion—racing, sky diving, or water-skiing, for instance.

As if the handing writing wasn't on the wall enough... the very last thing they say about this personality is:

These Crafters need their freedom to seek adventure, flying their plane, sailing their boat, racing their motorcycle, and mates who wish to keep them happy are wise to give them a long leash.

I find it almost ironic that the Daily Herald did this article about Jason and published it the day before our first conversation.

Anyway, I take my personality tests pretty seriously... so after discovering Jason's personality I realized that I had to decide.  Either I was going to love him for who he was.... BASE jumping, dirt biking, sky diving, rock climbing, surfing, snow boarding, wake boarding and all... or I would have to walk away.  So I spent the rest of the summer behind the camera watching stuff like this:

I'll tell the truth the first time Jason jumped off a cliff, I was a nervous wreck.  Craig was a good sport and came with me.  But after a while I wasn't scared at all.  People all around me thought I was insane. I wouldn't be surprised if some people were even planning an intervention.  But I knew if I love Jason, I have to love all of him.

What happened next I wasn't expecting or hoping for in any way but it is one of my favorite moments of our relationship.  We had just gone and done a session at the San Diego Temple in October.  After Jason decided to take me down to some cliffs in La Jolla area that I had never been before.  We climbed down this steep trail and walked along the beach.  We were talking about life and his friend that had just died in an accident.  Some of the details were pretty gruesome and I was telling Jason I might not be able to handle it.

As the sun was setting with the ocean breeze swaying the palm trees (In Mitt Romney's backyard no less) Jason told me that he never wanted me to get that phone call.  He told me he loved me too much and it wasn't worth it.  What he suggested next I was so shocked I almost didn't know how to react.  He suggested he sell his personalized constructed parachute and equipment that he had recently had made, that he had waited months to finally get.... to buy a ring.

There is a part of me that feels guilty.  Every time I watch him watch a youtube video of a newly discovered jump or a recently put together highlight video of his friends.  I know he loves it.  I know he misses it.  But more important, I know he wants a lifetime with me.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm Yours.

As he walked out the door it wasn't heart wrenching for me at all.  I had made a very logical decision.  His crazy lifestyle was not conducive to being in a serious relationship or heaven forbid a marriage...

I slept great that night, not a worry in the world.  I was going to continue dating Military Man and hope that could continue, at this point, I think he was even talking about a summer wedding.

What happened next happened slowly.  I don't remember one distinct time or moment that the lightening hit.  Maybe it was when I had to tell the student who set us up that things just didn't work out, or when I got out of the shower and looked at my phone and was disappointed that there wasn't a text, or really it probably was when that Monday night I went out with Military Man and realized the reason I had been so happy the last few weeks had nothing to do with him.

Now this all happened Monday.  As I got into bed and wanted to call Jason I was disgusted with myself.  Was I really this weak?  Was I really going to cave in this easily?  I told myself I needed to pull myself together.

So I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Then 10:52 pm happened and I couldn't take it.  Just kidding.  I have more self control than that.  It didn't happen until Thursday.  I had an extremely exhausting day.  I had just given a heart to heart all day (which is physically and emotionally rough)  But once again, it wasn't anything serious or significant.  All I did was pick up the phone and text, "Hi."  And the rest is history.

Ok, ok, I'll tell you the rest.  (In my head as I am writing this story this morning, I feel like I am the old man telling Kevin from the Wonder Years a fairy tale like on Princess Bride.)

Anyway, within a few minutes of my text Jason was calling me asking me to dinner.  When I got into his pickup I told him how much I'd missed him.  He told me how on Monday and Tuesday he was so absolutely miserable he could barely function.  He had been scheming different excuses to see me.  Sunday was going to be the solar eclipse and he was determined to see me then.  Then he said, "But by today (Thursday) I told myself I couldn't keep feeling like this so I was shutting off."  He showed me how in his phone he had set on his calender when it would have been exactly two months and how he was coming up with his big move then.

I smiled.  I couldn't believe it.  Did this guy not see my huge flaws?  Could he not tell that clearly something is wrong with me (since I'm 29 and single, because clearly something must be wrong with anyone that is 29 and still single) Was it possible that he could grow to love me despite it all?

I remember turning to him and just simply saying, "Well you don't need to scheme anymore.  You have nothing to worry about, I'm yours."

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"I'm not going to share you."

For the next week or so I was dating Jason and Military Man.  As much as I saw Military Man as the more stable option, the more time I spent with Jason the more I liked him.  I knew Jason and I had a connection.  Jason knew we had a connection.  So you can imagine his shock when the following happened.

One night after finishing Meet Joe Black, Jason and I were talking.  I could tell that he really wanted to kiss me, which he promised he wouldn't do until I ditched Military Man.  Finally almost out of frustration he said, "I don't want to share you.  Ditch him and be with me.  I know it's only been a few weeks and I usually don't move this fast, but you are a keeper and I want to be with you."  

Now I'm sure he was imagining that this scene of our story would be similar to my all time favorite scene where Seth declares to Summer, "Acknowledge me now or lose me forever."

But no.

Rather I said, "Change your life.  Become the man and live the life that you say you want and come find me when you are done."  (AKA stop risking your life in the name of adrenaline) 

And I let him walk out the door.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Spin Doctors - Two Princes

The night after our first date I got set up with another guy.  In the history of opposite... Jason and this kid might be able to compete.  How to describe him... hmm... you know the total meat head you would only see at Gold's Gym because you are positive he lives there?  That would describe this kid well.  I wouldn't be surprised if he could move a semi truck by himself.  Very serious.  Very competitive.  Wanted to be a Navy Seal.

He took me shooting on our date.  (I am very pro guns but honestly, kinda hate shooting them.)  I was shaking so bad just being in the indoor shooting range that I didn't want to touch a gun.  Every time the people shooting next to us shot a huge gun that shook the whole building I honestly about peed my pants.  I was a wreck.  He was so disgusted with how scared I was.  He insisted that we weren't leaving the range until I shot the gun.  I begged and begged not to.  I tried every witty thing I could think of.  I tried to flatter him enough that he wouldn't make me.  I even told him he was a good shot.  (He was terrible.) Finally I just picked up the stupid gun and started shooting.  I have no idea how it happened but I shot a near perfect round.  I think it was that or maybe it was our discussion about Xerxes and the battle of Thermopylae ... but he told me by the end of the night that he was really interested in seriously dating me and seeing where it could go.  Might have even mentioned the M word.

And this is where the Spin Doctors come in.  If they didn't write the song in 1993 I'm positive it's what happened over the next 2 weeks of my life.  Now I know it sounds fun to date two guys at the same time.  But honestly, it was tough!  They both wanted to schedule dates on the same day, so I'd go out with one at 7 and meet up with the other at 9:30.  Imagine the stress I was feeling at 9:20 when one date was still sitting on my couch and the other date was going to be there in 10 minutes.  There is a chance that they even passed each other walking to and from the parking lot of my house...

Here is the interesting thing, after a few dates with Jason, I told him there was another guy.  I felt like I needed to be 100% honest with him.  I even told Jason that although I liked him more, I was trying my hardest to like the other guy.  The other guy was safe, secure, responsible and Jason.... do I need to remind you about this?
 or this?

So after I told Jason about the other guy he told me he wasn't going to kiss me again until I ditched the other guy. My response, in complete shock that he didn't ditch me (I had just told him that I was trying my hardest to not like him and to like another guy) was, "Great!"

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Warning.

On our first date, as stated, we discussed our "worst" trait like in an interview question.  I will never forget looking over at him.  He was driving.  I wanted to make sure he really understood.  I wanted to make sure he really knew what he was getting himself into.  We both look back at this conversation and laugh.  We both tried to warn each other.  We both did our best to explain our vices.  But there is no question that neither of us really understood the gravity of our vices.  They sounded fine, they sounded fun, they definitely didn't sound bad....

Me: I work out a lot.

Him: I like extreme sports.

A Girl in Love.

I'm laying in bed on this blistery cold Sunday morning, smelling the "Winter" candle Aunt Raine gave me for Christmas, and listening to Louis Armstrong.  I can't help but smile.  I just finished preparing my lesson on the character, perfections, and attributes of the Savior.  I'm not sure if life gets much better than this.

I worry a lot, I have doubts a lot.  But this morning I just feel love.

I used the same iPod while running for probably 6 years.  There is one song that was listened to more than any other song on that iPod.  I typically started every run with this song.  Now it's kinda a cheesy song.  Okay that's a lie it's a super cheesy, but oh well right?  It's a obscure song by Lonestar called, "I've gotta find you."

Sometime this fall I lost this iPod, sad day, but before I lost it I was visiting Jason in Fallbrook.  I started my run with this song like always.  It was a beautiful sunny, practically perfect temperature day as I ran through the rolling hills of Wine County.  Half way through the song I realized something, I may have cried, who knows, but it hit me.  I found him.

I know finding him hasn't solved all my problems.  I know, I know, getting married will cause more problems that I can possibly imagine.  It won't be all sunshine and roses.  But today, this morning, right now, I am just so excited.  No matter the problems, fights, trials, I know my life is so much better now that I've found him.  His patience, wisdom, and love for me is more than I could have possibly imagined.

I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with him.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wedding Plans.

Sorry to interrupt Jason and I's love story, but wedding plans are getting the best of me!  Along with swearing I'd never buy a wedding dress... I promised myself I wouldn't turn into a stressed out Bridezilla.  Contrary to my previous beliefs... that is very difficult, especially when trying to plan a dream wedding in 2 months.

I'm so tempted to show you every detail of my wedding down to the AMAZING logo my uncle emailed me last night for our announcement.  In the next 57 days there is a chance I will break down and tell you everything, but until then I'm trying to hold out and have it be a surprise for those of you that are coming!

I'll just tell you my theme.  I have to thank my roommate Emmie for my theme.  She LOVES the movie Meet Joe Black.  I've tried to watch it before but have never gotten far without falling asleep.  Jason finally got me to watch it in the early stage of our dating.  (We still had to split it into two nights.)  But it was from that movie that I got my theme for my wedding.  When I told Jason the end of the movie was exactly what I wanted our wedding to look like he said, "Let me get this straight.  The theme for our wedding is a 70 year old billionaire's birthday party?  My response, "Exactly."

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our First Date.

April 19,2012

My hair was straight, I was wearing my favorite black and white tank with a red cardigan, and of course flat shoes because I had no idea how tall this guy was.  But of course, if you remember back to here, I had on my Clark Kent glasses.  

The meeting is a total blurr... I don't remember if we hugged or shook hands or who knows, sometimes I throw out random high-fives in awkward situations.  I remember getting into his pick up and him asking where I'd like to go eat.  I of course pretended to be a passive girl and say I don't care.  (What girl actually throws out a suggestion on a first date, a blind date no less???)  So Jason headed towards Texas Road House.

I remember coming up with an interesting topic of conversation.  I was about to interview for a new job so we talked about interview questions particularly the all so famous, "What is your worst quality?" question.  I remember saying something clever and him laughing.  It was then that I knew... tonight, I was going to be a rock star.  Maybe it was the "Sexy librarian" glasses or maybe it was the fact that after that moment I had determined it so... who knows, but Jason was interiged and I knew it.

It was here that the date started to go down hill for Jason, really down hill.  I wish that I dared to put all the ways it was bad on a public blog... but I don't.  So I'll give a few examples but know the really good ones.... the ones that made it so awful that Jason thought I'd never ever consider going out with him are never going to be published.

It started with dinner.  He ordered his steak medium rare.  Ew.  But when they brought out his steak it was well-done.  He started to eat it, complained a little, so when the waitress came over and asked how his steak was he showed her how it clearly overcooked.  She apologized, took back the steak, and I awkwardly ate my delicious grilled shrimp salad while he stared at me.  She brought out another steak.  Sadly... the steak once again, was way over cooked.  But I figured he'd just eat it.... nope.  When the waitress asked him how this steak was, he showed her again.  WHO IS THIS GUY?  So she took back the steak again.  By the time the THIRD steak came out... I was done eating, ready to go... and of course once again, the steak was way over done. Jason complained as he ate just the very middle of the steak swearing he'd never return to Texas Roadhouse again... I remember just laughing as I thought, "I sure he isn't as picky with his woman as he is with his steak."

After he finally finished eating he suggested we go to a movie I was of course hesitant.  I mean it was almost my bedtime... and we all know I struggle with movies.  He pulled out his phone to check movie times and there was an awkward message on his phone.  I blushed as I pretended like I didn't see it.  After scrolling through all the movies playing in the theater and concluding there wasn't anything we wanted to see he suggested we go get a Red Box.  I was thrilled when we finally left the restaurant because I was positive our poor waitress not only spit in our food but probably told all the other employees about the picky guy on table 17.

So we got to a Red Box and looked through all the movies.  When we finally came to some sort of agreement, he opened his wallet to grab a credit card and said, "Uh oh, I only have cash"  I started to head back to the truck to get my purse while saying, "Don't worry, I'll pay for it."  with a little bit of a grin on my face... this is terrible!!

He refused and we headed back to his place to watch t.v.  Of course when we got back to his house, his roommate was already in the middle of watching some foreign film with sub titles.  So Jason and I awkwardly sat on the loveseat while his roomie sprawled out on the large couch.  His roommate sat and shamelessly tried to flirt with me thinking I would swoon over his English accent.  I mean it was hilarious, this kid trying to pick up on me while I was on a date with his roommate.  He flirted, I made sassy jokes.... it was a blast.  I remember at one point looking over at Jason, and this was probably the most impressive moment of the entire night, he didn't try and compete with his obnoxious roommate, he just sat back played it cool so confident that I wouldn't fall for his roommate.

Jason finally suggested that we leave the family room, and the roommate from Hong Kong.  He took me down into his bed room... and next thing I know I'm awkwardly sitting on the edge of his bed while he leans against his desk telling me he used to be in a band and starts playing his guitar.  He plays around for a minute until I recognize that he's just started playing.... "Kiss the girl."  It's probably at this point that the Hong Kong roommate enters the bedroom trying to get in a few more pick up lines that I suggest... it's probably time that I go home.  This was just too much.

I don't remember the drive home or the door scene.  I don't remember if I said we should go out again or if it was nice to meet him.  The only other memory I have is later that night or next morning calling Zoe and saying, "Uh oh.  This boy is trouble... but I might really like him."

Monday, January 7, 2013

Our First Encounter

April 17th, 2012

I wish I had kept a better journal... but I always knew this would happen.  All my failed relationships of the past, I have a day by day, play by play of the rise, the climax, and the fall.  Now that I have a relationship that I should remember for the rest of my life.... I was way too into it to spend hours pouring my thoughts, emotions, and details into a journal... So everything has to go from memory.

All I can remember was looking at one missed call from a random number and a voicemail and thinking, "Great, now I'm going to have to call this guy back."  I hate the phone.  I get major anxiety calling anyone besides my mother, oh and Joanie.  So I remember I was in my room sitting on my bed listening to the phone ring thinking, "What in the world am I going to talk to this guy about?"  I stalked his Facebook page and honestly... it didn't seem too promising.  We had nothing in common.

I wish I remember the details of the conversation on the phone.  All I remember is looking around my room and it was perfectly clean and down at the phone and in complete shock realized we had just talked for 57 minutes.  I remember a distinct feeling of embarrassment about that length of time.  Usually I am very conscious of the time so I reviewed the conversation quickly in my head to make sure I didn't do any of my possible deal breaker tendencies.  Politics.... no.  Homeschooling... no.  Talk too much... no.  I was shocked.  I had just had an honest to goodness enjoyable conversation with some random guy on the phone... for an hour!  He had scheduled a date for 2 days later and although I didn't want to admit it.  I was excited.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Things I swore I'd never do...

Being 29 in Mormonville I have lived with my share of engaged girls.  I have experienced the highs and excitement and I have experienced the drama, the wacko hormone crazy... I guess most lovely referred to as Bridezillas.  I think I counted once that I've lived with 24 girls when they got engaged and married. I absolutely love weddings so of course I've had a blast helping them plan their weddings.  We've used every color you can imaginable.  Indoor receptions, outdoor receptions, heck even a couple in green houses!  The bride and groom coming in on horses or on sailboats and marriages in every temple from San Diego to Nauvoo.

So of course I have figured out almost exactly what I want at my wedding along the way.  Things that I think are worth the money and things that I don't care about.  Things that I think make the event amazing versus things that no one even notices or cares about besides the bride while she's planning.

One thing I swore to myself and anyone that would listen was that I would not waste money on a dress.  I mean come on, you wear it once, maybe twice and typically for only a few hours.  Hundreds if not thousands of dollars are spent for the thing. What a waste of money!  I took pride in the fact that I wasn't going to care very much about my dress.  I have a couple of friends that have gorgeous dresses that graciously said I could borrow their dress.

Well then yesterday happened.  I think it was the 5th dresses I tried on.  I don't know how it happened.  I had been so logical.  I had planned it out so perfectly!  I would spend the extra money I saved on not buying a dress on the honeymoon or better food.... But as soon as I put on that dress.... it was like beautiful music started playing, the smell of roses entered the dressing room, I walked out and it was like rays of sunshine lit up my face.  I was a rock star.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

By popular demand

The ring of my dreams.... (Excuse my grandma hands)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Story

Well now that it's all official I figure I should tell our story.  I mean who doesn't enjoy a good love story right?

So it all started when I came back from Christmas Break last year.  Although I came back with a gorgeous Florida tan and great pictures the relationship I had been in was clearly over.  Everyone was devastated to see another hope of a relationship fall apart.... people were more devastated than I was, particularly my students.  They would voice their concerns about how I am not married.  They would tell me they were afraid I would end up like Ms. SoandSo down the hall who is 60 years old, single, and only friend is her cats.  They tried so hard to be helpful.  Students would light up with an idea when they would say, "I know Miss Parson!  You should date my uncle (or brother) (or cousin) (or next door neighbor)"  Of course I would have no idea what to say when a student suggested such things.  I mean clearly it's kinda awkward, embarrassing really.  I don't really want to meet my students' brothers, uncles, neighbors, or whatever.... but who knows right???  I am not getting any younger... but of course I didn't want to act exited about the thought of my student setting me up with someone.  So I usually try to downplay the situation by just passively saying, "Well tell your uncle, brother, neighbor to look me up on facebook."   And usually that was the end of it.

Now this was a normal occurance what I just mentioned.  It's happened lots of times through my 7 years of teaching.  So when a girl came in and said, "Miss Parson, you need to meet this guy that works for my dad."  It's like I went into auto pilot.  She showed me this picture,

I smiled and said, "That's nice.  Tell him to look me up on facebook."  And that was the end of it.

Until April 6, 2012 this random guy added me on facebook.

He also sent a message."Um, so Alyssa said it was alright to add you.  Hope that's okay. ;)  How long have you been teaching in PG?"  I was super embarrassed   I mean think about it.  Imagine how this conversation must have gone, "So uh.... I have this teacher.  She needs a boyfriend really bad.  We don't want her to end up alone with cats."

You can imagine my relief when he asked for my number and I could say, "Here it is, but I'm in Hawaii for the next week."  Honestly.... I thought this would be the end of it.

But clearly it wasn't.

Tomorrow: The First Date

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in Review

The only way I can even think to express how amazing 2012 has been would to quote the so amazingly obnoxious Mrs. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, "Oh Mr. Bennet, God has been so good to us." Honestly I can not imagine how this year could have gotten any better.   But just in case you forgot how good it was.  Here are the top ten photos of 2012.... Ok I can not pick a top ten.  Here are 10 amazing moments!

Mediterranean Summer Vacation

 Spring Break Hawaii Style

 Parson Yellowstone reunion
New Years Miami Style
 A Nerdy Halloween
 Summer Breeze Sailing

 Falling in Love
 Dashing through the Snow Party

But of course the number one moment of 2012....