Monday, December 3, 2012

Tis the Season : Top 5 Christmas Episodes of all time.

Every year around this time people start talking about classic Christmas movies.  Like Christmas isn't complete or the season hasn't started without watching A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation.

Being the T.V. junkie that I am, I feel like we often forget how much of our Christmas experience has been molded by some of our favorite T.V. shows.  So in honor of Christmas and what this season means to me, I've come up with 5 T.V. episodes that I think have molded my Christmas experience into what it is today.

Number 5: The Office: Christmas Party.  Nothing gets the Christmas spirit going like the episode when Jim spends time and energy coming up with the perfect secret Santa gift for Pam.  Michael almost ruins it by creating a Yankee Swap trying to get back his $400 iPod.  But of course everything is okay when Pam trades the iPod to get the gift Jim intended for her.  So sweet.

Number 4: Full House: Our Very First Christmas Show.  When the Tanners' get stranded in an airport on Christmas Eve we learn that Christmas is so much more than presents.

Number 3: Grey's Anatomy: Grandma God Ran Over by a Reindeer.  It was here that I learned to lay under the tree and look up.

Number 2: Saved by the Bell: Home for Christmas  It was this episode that taught me that good people can be homeless too.

and the number one T.V. episode of Christmas....

The OC: The Best Chrismakkah

Now I get it.  The OC clearly isn't an American classic.  But the invention of Christmakah by my favorite TV character of all time is epic.  I mean he says it best:

Seth: So, what’s it going to be, huh? You want your menorah or a candy cane, hmm? Christmas or Hanukkah?
Ryan: Um… I’m not-
Seth: Ah! Don’t worry about it buddy, because in this house, you don’t have to choose. Allow me to introduce to you a little something that I like to call… Chrismukkah.
Ryan: Chrismukkah?
Seth: That’s right. It’s the new holiday, Ryan, and it’s sweeping the nation.

Sandy: Well, Chrismukkah’s ruined.
Seth: Ah! Don’t even say it, man. Come on. Chrismukkah is unruinable. It’s got twice the resistance of any normal holiday.

Ryan: You better pray for a Chrismukkah miracle.
Seth: I’ve got Jesus and Moses on my side, man.

Up tomorrow: Top 10 Christmas songs of all time.

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Matthew and Lindsey said...

I don't know what is worse..that I have seen all these episodes or that I am now planning on watching all of them again simply because my heart aches a little.