Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear Blog Readers,

Whenever I sit down, lay down in my bed with my head propped up on Schnuckums and my laptop on my belly, I stare at the cursor blinking on the crisp new blog post, I'll be honest I rarely think about the people that will read what I am about to write.

I mean sure I always have my mom in the back of my head to make sure I never write anything TOO revealing or inappropriate.  Or sometimes I hope certain people that have made a great impact on my life will read it if I mention them.  But for the most part, I am a sentimental emo that uses a blog to express thoughts and emotions.  I like to imagine that's how any type of artist feels as they create... because deep down beyond all sense of logic I probably wish that I was an artist.  (Don't tell Uncle Leon that because he would gloat too much.  He says I missed the boat.  He says I would have been one of the greats.  Or maybe that's just what he told me because his twisted humor thought it would be fun to relish in my misery of his Drawing 101 class.)

But alas, I use words rather than oil to paint a picture of the world around me.  I create hoping not to forget the beauty, the fun, and the love.  And I find so much joy in reliving the memories of moments I've created through my blog.  (I reread it more times than I should admit)

But it is so fun when randomly I hear about someone that enjoys reading my creations.  Clearly the purpose of this blog has never been and hopefully never will be about making money or becoming famous.  I feel great that 1-2 hundred people read it every day.  But sometimes I still wonder, who are you?

Thanks Chris, I'm glad you enjoy it! :)


Natalie said...


Elizabeth R said...

I can't even remember how I found your blog; you are probably a friend of a friend of a friend, most likely I stumbled across your blog while blog-hopping. I love reading your posts! I love reading about your traveling/teaching/dating adventures. Keep writing, because although we actually don't know each other, if you stop posting I'll feel like I never got to finish a really good book. And I'm very curious as to how your story will end. But in a totally non-creepy way. :)

Stephani said...

me...remember we met in 6th grade and our parents kind of forced us to be friends, then we actually became really good friends. Yup - I still read your blog :)

Schuyler said...

I still read it and look forward to it! I'm just too lazy to ever comment;) Keep them coming! I love your blot!

kathryn said...
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The UnMighty said...

I'm flattered to be mentioned in your post. And I guess you like it when people who've made an big impact on your life not only read your blog, but comment too.
You're welcome.

Camile said...

1 - 2 hundred people a DAY?! Man Kristin! I'm curious too! I'm always curious to read your latest musings or the latest news in your life. I usually always have some sort of response to your posts, but don't always know how to write out my thoughts.

Anyway, keep writing.

(too bad Leon doesn't read blogs ... at least as far as I know)