Thursday, November 22, 2012


Well it's 4:51 am on Thanksgiving Morning.  Why in the world am I awake?  Well I'd love to blame it on the baby that was crying during the night or the person that was snoring really loud... but really, I'm blaming it on genetics.  This is just what my body does.  

So as I was sitting here trying to distract myself from the running I need to do I started thinking.  I wish I could come up with some profound new way to say the same thing that so many have said before.  I wish I could discover some new angle on the subject that would enlighten others.  But this morning as I was looking through all my social media outlets I came to the same conclusion that I and almost every artist, philosopher, and musician has come to before... all you need is love.

The other day I took an online test to discover my "real age".  I don't know why but it motivates me to answer questions like "How much water do you drink?"  and "How much time do you spend stretching every week?"  But as I was taking the test, what shocked me most, what these "experts" thought affected about 1/5 of a person's health is relationships.  1/5 of what determines how long a person lives is the number of deep meaningful relationships that person has.  

Now whether those "real age experts" are accurate or not is a debate for another day.  This morning as I sit in a dark cold kitchen I look around and I am so grateful for the people in my life.  I'm so grateful for the memories of yesterday.  Hiking to a beautiful ice waterfall, being a well-oiled machine in the kitchen with my mom, playing fun games with my dad, analyzing people with my brother, and getting a text message from my nephew that said, "You are awesome." I sit here and wonder how in the world I got so lucky.   

And the best news is.... the party is just getting started!



Kris said...

Thanks for your hard work in the was great.

Lynette said...

Oops..I hadn't logged in. The previous comments were mine.