Saturday, November 17, 2012


So I've always kinda been confused by girls that say they can't cook.  I mean sure I don't expect everyone to know how to make artisan breads or gourmet candies... but for the most part, cooking is pretty simple.  Read a recipe. Follow directions... right?

Ha. Ha.

So I've decided it's time.  It's probably embarrassing how much I have eaten out in the last 8 years of my life.  Luckily with my hilarious Lunch Group I have stopped going out at lunch, but here in Utah Valley I feel that the majority of entertainment is going somewhere to eat.  I'm sure it is like this every where but especially with a group of sober and celibate singles... there isn't much else to do.   I bet I don't go 2 days without going out.  And I've decided it's time to change.

Why?  I know most people would talk about how unhealthy eating out is, but I argue that it can actually be super healthy.  I eat a larger variety and more vegetables when I eat out then when I eat from home.

But I'm digressing...

I figure now that I can cook for Jason it's time to start cooking.  Time to start actually making meals.  And I figure you can tell from the start of this post....... it hasn't gone so well.  Who knew I could mess so many things up?

Sunday started with possibly the most rock star meal ever.  Marinated grilled salmon, rosemary oven fries, toasted coconut, pomegranate, apple, almond salad with a poppy seed dressing, rolls, and for dessert Chocolate lava cakes fresh out of the oven.  Yes I was a rock star.

Then the rest of the week hit.

 SUPER EASY Chicken Chili from my friend Megan's blog.  Absolute disaster.  It says put a tablespoon of chili power in.... I thought that seemed too much with the tomatoes with chilies already but I figured I'd follow the recipe.................. with tears running down his cheeks and constantly wiping his nose Jason asked, "How much chili powder did you put in this???"  Yep, the whole crock pot full went straight into the trash.

I love fish tacos so I searched high and low for a good recipe.  I marinated the fish, made my own pico de giyo, toasted my own tortilla..... but Jason "lost track of time" so I tried to grill the fish myself... both of us felt sick to our stomach over the next 24 hours worried that my grilling skills just didn't quite cut it.

Two nights ago?  It was cold outside.  I really wanted some soup.  Particularly this delicious cauliflower soup my mom has made for me a few times. (It's delicious and you'd have NO idea it had any veggies in it at all.) Because... you put the veggies cooked in chicken stock in the blender..... what they FORGOT to mention is to make sure the veggies have cooled down a bit before putting them in the blender.  Jason was eating his French Dip sandwich facing the other direction when he heard the blender followed by my scream.  He thought I was being dramatic until he turned around to see me and the entire kitchen splattered with boiling hot veggie chunks that had exploded everywhere when the steam popped the lid off the blender...  a deep clean and a few burns later... last night.... Terra Mia.

Cooking..... not such a piece a cake.


Stephani said...

I had to laugh...even though cooking disasters are not funny! I have had a few too...including hot soup all over me and the house. I love my immersion blender for blending soups...or you could open the vent on your blener and cover it with a dish towel and place your hand over it. Good luck and keep trying!!

Kennan said...

Thanks for the laugh and the visuals...made my day! I usually blame my failures on the fact that a recipe came from must be a dud, since it couldnt possibly be my cooking...;) Adam seems to buy it. Haha

Honestly though, it's all about the quick, easy step recipes at first. I've learned there are a lot of really tasty things that require minimal effort and brains that still make you look like an amazing cook. Start with those and it will help you gain confidence and skills that will give you better success when you try the more complicated things. Good luck!

Natalie Murdock said...

I thought I was a pretty good cook until I got married and had to cook every night. Good thing my French husband likes to cook because I can only stand criticism so much. hahaha it's gotten a lot better since we switch off. Now when I cook I make sure it's super good. I made mini hamburgers for dinner last night and Jimmy made the french fries, it was divine!!!