Sunday, October 21, 2012

What the Hell is life?

Today as I was sitting with Chase and Chad.... eating delicious homegrown tomatoes, grapes, and peppers we were doing what we do best; talking, analyzing, and forming all sorts of brilliant conclusions.  I wish I remember exactly what we were talking about but in the middle no where Chase practically screams out... in pure insanity, "What the Hell is LIFE?"  Chad and I just sat and shook our heads.  Who knows.

Chase went on to rant about the past, present, and future and how although we say we are living in the present, we can't really define the present so how can we define what we are living in.  I told him all that really matters is our emotions. Emotions define the present.  A wise friend said yesterday that emotions are what life is all about.  The more I think about that the more I am convinced of its truth.

But right now.  I feel a void of emotion.  I guess we can just call that numb.  So what the Hell is life?  I have no idea.


Angela said...

Dude some days are like that.

Jordan said...

Existentialism can kill you if you think about it too long. Watch Legally Blonde and then go for a run, you'll feel better. :)

The UnMighty said...

I think you just blew my brain grapes.
I'm going to start taking drugs and leave my family.

On a lighter note, what the Hell have you been doing?