Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sad Day.

Last night as Sadie crawled into the hideabed in the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim she turned to her mom and said, "But Mom, where is Kristin going to sleep?"  You see the past 4 times that Sadie has gone to Disneyland I had slept in that bed.  So normally when she fell asleep on the floor in the hotel she would wake up to find me asleep in that hideabed.

This morning I woke up in an almost panic.  Who is going to ride the tea cups with Sadie????


If you are starting to question if my life solely revolves around Disneyland... I can understand your concern.  I promise I have A LOT more going on in my life than Disneyland.... But right now it's the safest, easiest topic.  So while Sadie and company are putting on their shoes, tying their sweatshirt around their waists, and loading the car while discussing whether they will get their fast pass to Splash Mountain or the Haunted Mansion first... I'll reminisce about my last 4 trips with Sadie to the happiest place on earth.



Angela said...

adorable :)

jeanine said...

Cute post!! Don't worry, Nick braved the teacups and Roger Rabbit (terrible). I did Dumbo (never to do again). But all went well! Maybe next time you can join us again.