Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hope for America.

Like I've said before... most of the time especially on Facebook or my blog I've decided to take the stance "Don't waste your time on politics just chase skirts instead."  But every once in a while I can not resist.  Last night was awesome.  Listening to Mitt was like music to my ears.  I mean, don't get me wrong, there are things I don't agree with, things that I wish were a bit different, but for the most part I could not have been more thrilled with how the debate went.  As I sat in my car and listened I just cried.  I've given up on politic for some time now.  I thought there was no hope.  I thought that we were destined to another 4 years of progressive liberal legislation.  But last night I saw it.  I saw truth.  And I just hope and pray America can still recognize truth. 

I could go on and on about the things that Mitt said that I love.... but nothing got to me as much as the beginning of his conclusions:

"I'm concerned about America.  I am concerned about the direction American has been taking over the last four years.  I know this is bigger than the election of the two of us as individuals.  It's bigger than our respective parties. It's an election about the course of America.  What kind of American do you want for yourself and for your children?  And there really are two very different paths.  We'll talk about the two paths but they lead in very different directions.  It's not just about looking to our words that you have to take in the evidence and where they go."

Let's just pray that America can look beyond personal benefit and vote for what is right.


goddessdivine said...

Amen! I loved it too. ;-0

Robyn said...

now that, is the face of a president.