Thursday, October 25, 2012

For The UnMighty

Welcome back to the blogging world The UnMighty.  It's been 4 years since I've been lucky enough to hang out with you. (For the record The UnMighty goes down in the record books as hands down the funniest guy I've ever known, sorry Lars.)  You asked what the Hell I've been up to.... so I figured I'd give you an update on my life.... because reading my blog, well it just depends on the day what you'll get... I guess that's why I call it random.  Since sometimes it can be a bit cryptic and I tend to delete major pieces, here is the Reader's Digest version of my life over the past 4 years.

Started teaching Junior High
- I left a high school and a cause that I believed in to make $20,000 more a year.  Yep, I believe we call that a sell out.
Best Friend Shane
 - I had a extremely attractive, single, good guy best friend for a couple of years.  We spent every waking moment of free time together, traveled together, spent time with family together.... but we never even considered dating.  I'm pretty sure it ruined a couple of possible relationships I thought I wanted... and everyone thought I was in love with him but I honestly wasn't.  That abruptly ended when he got a girlfriend/fiance/wife.
Graduated from BYU
-Yeah I did that whole grad school thing. I hoped it would help me get out, meet new people, have a life besides jr high.... but really it was a rough 2 years where I realized I hate education and oh yeah it was me and 7 married men.
- One summer I went and lived in on the 51 floor of a downtown Chicago apartment with my parents.  Who knew Chicago was so cool...
Major Crisis
- With my friends getting married, finishing grad school, and realizing my life was exactly the same as when I was 17 (I get up, go to school, come home and try and find something to do until the next time I have to go to school) I kinda freaked out a little.
Tried my hardest to leave teaching
- Yeah this probably led to the crisis a lot.  Can you believe Glen Beck didn't give me a job?
Decided to pull an Anne Frank be happy even if my life was completely miserable.
- So I traveled a lot.  Southern California at least 2 times a month, Seattle and BC Canada, Texas, Miami, southern Utah, Idaho, Navuoo, Vegas, and of course Europe.
"Adopted" a 15 year old
- Yeah I don't talk about it much because it's kinda weird.  But she is one of the best things that has happened to me.
Dated a lot
- Not much to say here.  (I mean of course there were loads of stories, drama, and laughs... and don't worry it isn't going to waste... the 55 year old men in my teacher's lounge can't wait to hear the most recent update everyday at lunch)
Weird relationship with my cousin
- Due to a divorce and such my cousin and I became best friends... people that didn't know he was my cousin thought we were dating.  I mean sure it probably looked a little weird when we traveled to Hawaii together... but heck it's been a blast.
Moved to LA
- Needing to get out of a bad living situation, I stuffed all my belongings in the office of my classroom and took off to LA for the summer. I fell in love with Disneyland..... well obsession might be a more correct word.

But I guess the biggest thing that has happened over the last four years is I fell in love with the Bad Boy.  Totally cliche right?  And you are probably wondering why if you look through all my posts he's not even mentioned.  Well that's because you see, when you are the good girl that falls in love with the bad boy it is a total roller coaster.  So when we are high I write mushy gushy posts about how wonderful he is and then when we hit a rough patch I go back and delete them all.  (Do I sound a bit like a 15 year old girl?  Give me a break, I'm surrounded by them all day)  But the good news is our long distance relationship is over, he's given up a lot of the things that make him a Bad Boy including jumping of Buildings, Antennas, Spans, and Earth.  (Yes he is one of those crazies that gets a thrill off of jumping off 1,000 ft things and hopes his parachute opens)......... so hopefully this roller coaster will even out a little.  I mean we both know it will never end because that's just not my nature.  My little brother said it best the other day, "Kristin, you can squeeze drama out of an orange peel."  Probably all too true.  But....

Bottom Line Ben: my life is wonderful.  I am doing great.  I have never been this happy.


theriddle said...

I'm so glad Ben is back.

The UnMighty said...

Kristin, I was moved to tears by your compliment (I'm a crier, like you and your mom). I also enjoyed the 4 year sum up. But I have to say, you left me with a lot of unanswered questions. Adoption? Bad Boys? A physical relationship with your cousin? Your new job as a carny at Disneyland? Needless to say, we're going to have to get together so you can fill in the gaps. When can you come out to Kentucky?

BTW, I read the tribute to your mom and cried some more. Well written. Excuse me while I call my mother to tell her I love her.