Monday, September 24, 2012

Partyin' it Up

So this was the first weekend I've stayed in Northern Utah in.... I have no idea how long, months for sure.  I went to two amazing parties!  The first was a Great Gatsby party with flappers mobsters and a live jazz band!  It was amazing!!!  Sadly I only took one picture but the atmosphere was incredible!

The second party was a dream come true...... no, it had nothing to do with Disney ;) It was a tomato tasting party!!!!!  At least 40 different varieties of tomatoes to taste.  A girl like me's dream come true!!!!!!!

My winners were:

 This party we went to was totally and completely random.  But it was amazing!  The yard was amazing.  There was also a live band at this party too!

 But the best part of the party was the homemade brewed beer.  Awesome.

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Jeremy and Annisha and family said...

I love the tomatoe-tasting party. I'm salivating at your photos.