Friday, September 21, 2012

A good reminder.

Words can not express my love for this man.  His autobiography was one of the hardest/most wonderful reads I've ever experienced.  A student made this piece of art for me.  Tears formed as I finally hung it up in my classroom this morning.  I think this makes it official.  My most prized processions in my life are the pieces of artwork I have received.  Maybe it's because of the fond memories of art... maybe it's my lack of talent/work ethic to learn how.... maybe it's because I have witnessed time and time again how difficult art is... for whatever reason I love art.  Every time I look at this sketch by Camela I am so humbled that she would give me such beauty.



Natalie Murdock said...

Kristin what's going on in your life? Hardly any blog posts lately!?!

Kayla Walker said...

He is amazing, and this post makes me want to watch his film again. I haven't seen it since I was student teaching, but it was one film that I didn't mind watching 5 times :) He has a quote that I think is on your wall by your desk that said, "Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it..." pretty much sums up teaching for me. There are so many students that don't care what you are doing, and will never know how much you put in to what you do. BUT for some that you accept and change their lives for the better, your job means the world! Someday when I decide to be done playing volleyball I hope I can be half the teacher that you are! I got so incredibly lucky to have you as my mentor. Love you!!