Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I realize lately most of my blog posts have been pictures.  Cool pictures... but pretty boring.  My life on the other hand has been not boring at all.  BUT especially because someone else's life is involved... I figure I shouldn't really talk about what is on my mind as of late.  (But feel free to call or text anytime :)  

This is a blog post that I wrote a while ago... I think when I was on an airplane on my iPhone.  But just this morning I was reminded on how we have no idea what someone has gone through... so we have no idea why people act the way they do. Anyways here ya go:

It's strange how these blogs work. We read day by day the activities and inner thoughts of one person. The thoughts...the feelings... that we would never know if we were just people watching. But really that is what reading blogs is... People watching. Often times we read and try to fill in the missing pieces with our own thoughts and ideas. It's kinda strange how I can feel like I know someone that I've never met by reading a flat screen. I was just reading and harshly judging a girl based off her last blogpost. She just had another relationship fall apart. It's pathetic the ridiculous judgments and criticism that was just running through my mind. I wonder if this blog stalking is such a good idea. Think about it....Because I somehow stumbled upon a blog I feel like I have a right... A say... In passing judgment on how this girl lives her life. When in reality I know nothing at all...
But then again... Why am I judging anyone!? 

Parent teacher conference is never something I look forward to... Talking to typically 100 sets of guardians who are hoping I have some mind blowing insight on their student based off my encounter for 80 minutes every other day with 40 other students in the class that they as guardians haven't picked up on in the kid's 15 years of life. Ever thought of it that way? Kinda sad what we expect from teachers. Anyway back to judging. There is one reason why I am so glad we have parent teacher conferences and it had nothing to do with improving student learning. More often than not when I meet my students' guardians I am more sympathetic to the student. Kinder. More patient. If I am having a problem with the student the source of the problem can often be found in the home life. I judge the student less. Their actions. Their annoying behavior. Their lack of logic and reasoning skills. Everything about that student.... I judge so much less. Often times I admire and love that student because of the struggles they are facing at home. Those poor kids are just doing the best they can...

Back to blogs or I guess we could say judging people. Often times on blogs we try and put our best foot forward. At worst we could say we are trying to make our lives seem better than they really are or at best we could say trying to “remember the forget me nots”... Either way we rarely wear our problems our weaknesses on our sleeves. And since I'm reading about this person on a flat screen clearly... I have no flipping clue what is really going on in the bloggers real life. Can you imagine if we could really see the trials a person was going through? Like when I meet my punk student’s parents I think I would be a lot more sympathetic, patient, understanding, and loving towards that person. 

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