Friday, August 10, 2012

Introducing the Blogbook Theme for 2011-2012

The longer I do this blogging thing the more excited I am about making some type of theme for my blog book each year.  (I work on my blog book all summer, yes it takes THAT long, so my blogging year goes from August to August) Last year clearly being the year of Disneyland, a year of dreaming, a year of hope… became “When you wish upon a star.”  This blogging year was different.  I was done dreaming, I was done hoping, I was ready to go out and seize the day.  I was done dreaming about being in California during the school year.  Now clearly I didn’t up and move my life down there…. Rather I made sure to visit every three weeks.  I was done dreaming about an amazing European Adventure… instead I just did it.  But most important I was done dreaming about being happy.  Done hoping for a better future.  This year I can honestly say things were different.

It wasn’t Victoria, Canada; North Shore, Hawaii; South Beach, Florida; Sorrento, Italy;

or even Main Street USA that changed anything.  It was my attitude.  Like when I was visiting LA and Lars and I were stuck on the 10 freeway in horrible traffic last January I said, “Oh my gosh, look how amazing today is!  The sun is shining; the palm trees are swaying in the breeze; how are we so lucky?"   Lars’ response, “And that’s why I need you to come visit, to remind me how great I have it.”  Nothing really changed this year.  My life currently is in the exact same spot it was a year ago.  But…. Everything has changed.  Any time I would lay in bed, cuddle up with Schnuckums and try and feel sorry for myself… I just couldn’t do.  Why?  Because I would look across my room see this painting and remember…
Carpe Diem by Sara Peterson

Introducing the Blogbook Random Kristin Volume 4