Friday, July 13, 2012


If you remember, this is where the wheels came off the wagon.... but seriously, if the wheels have to come off, what a place to do it!

Mt. Etna.... that is not a fire on top.
This is a very active volcano.

The Entrance to the city.

It wasn't a rose..... but it was hands down the  best
smelling flower I'd ever smelt.

Just an infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean, NBD.

It was gorgeous, but hands down the best part of the entire day.... well besides facetiming Jason for over an hour, was.....
Yes. The Food.
Best Canoli Ever.

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skinners said...

Love the pictures and you've convinced me that going on a Mediterranean cruise before I die is a must. So fun!!

And that flower looks like a gardenia, my favorite!!! They smell heavenly!