Saturday, July 7, 2012

Not even Communism could ruin this beauty.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
The girl that speak perfect English thanks to Grey's Anatomy.
So was so beautiful but sadly her hat and glasses covered it up.

Throughout the trip there were fountains everywhere that people drank out of.
Yes I drank out of every single one of them.
No I didn't get sick.

The fort.

The gate of the Old City.
Draw bridge and everything.

I don't know exactly why but this my possibly be my favorite picture of the entire trip.
This is what within the city wall looks like.

 Then Erin and I hiked up on top of the city wall so you could look down into the city and out and the beautiful beautiful ocean below.  To say it was hot would be an understatement.  If my dress looks wet... I hadn't gone swimming yet.

Arguably my second favorite picture of the whole trip.

The water was so so clear.  Amazing.
This is how amazing the water was!!!

Too lazy to reload this picture ride side up....
just a darling little garden and a fun picture.

 And this lovely place is where we were going to eat lunch.  The ceiling was just plants.  It was lovely.


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Lynette said...

That's the way I remember it, only the memory is faded. Thanks for reviving it.