Monday, July 2, 2012

Marseilles, France

I wish this trip was sponsored by Sperry...
but really, we just love our topsiders!

The nicest taxi driver ever!  She lived in California for a year so she spoke fabulous English!
Who knew a nice person in France would be so rare.

When she couldn't figure out the map...

When he finally could.

Ah the pastries.... looked fabulous.  But I wasn't even tempted enough to eat one

Carrying two pigs... down the street.... NBD.

Pimberly had the exact same door handle...

It's sad how much comfort I got when I finally got Wi-Fi... Thank you Micky D's!

The nice guy that gave us directions to....


Him coming back trying to invite me to a dance club that nice.

Delightful Dinner.

The Melting Chocolate Cake rocked my world.

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