Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's my Nature.

My dad tells a story.  That is one thing that my dad is absolutely fabulous at.... telling stories.  Particularly analogies.  Someday I hope to write down all of his stories.  But here is one of the best... kinda depressing, but great still the same.

There was a frog and a scorpion.  They were sitting on the edge of a river.  The frog jumped in and was going to swim across the river.  The scorpion wanted to get across the river too so he yells out of the frog, "Hey!  Can I get a ride on your back across the river?"  The frog turns around, sees the big nasty stinger on the end of the scorpions tail and said, "Why would I be stupid enough to let you come near me?  You will string me!"  The scorpion said, "No I won't.  I need a ride across the river.  If I sting you I can't get across the river."  The frog thought about it a minute, swam back to shore and let the scorpion climb on his back.  Half way across the river the frog feels a sharp intense stab into his back.  He turns around to see that the scorpion had indeed stung him.  The frog cried out, "Why did you do that?  We are only half way across the river, now we are both going to drown!"  As they were sinking into the water all the scorpion could do was shrug his shoulders and said, "It's my nature."

Maybe it's because my boyfriend likes to risk life and limb anyway possible or because I spent 2 very intimate weeks where I scratched my head quite often wondering why people did things they did or maybe it's just my never ending quest for self discovery... but there is just something so satisfying about understanding someone's "nature".

And I am happy to report that after years....literally years, I'll never forget the first time I fought with my cousin Shane 15 years ago about it, I have finally discovered my personality, ENFP.  It comes from a book called "Please Understand Me."  The test is often called the Myer Briggs test.

I love the title of the book.  Please Understand Me.  So badly I crave to be understood... both by other people and by myself.  It was so refreshing to read a detailed description of me... why?  Because it makes me seem a little less crazy.  For instance: it talks about how bored I get.... hence I hate movies.  (I must clarify, movies in a theater where I am stuck in one place, can't move, can't watch people.... just stuck).  Another example: it talks about how at amusement parks or sporting events after a while I forget about the rides, the sites, the action and just people watch trying to figure out peoples lives.  Which makes PERFECT sense why I can go to Disneyland 43 times in a year and not get bored with it.

I could go on and on about all of the cool things I've learned about myself since finally discovering my personality.  But that's not the point...... the point is, how cool.  How cool this personality test/ book is. Jason was a complete skeptic.  As we were driving to Cedar this weekend I read him the 70 questions of the test.  He was flippantly throwing out answers by the end because he couldn't take it.  But you would not believe how perfectly this test nailed him. (ISTP if you are curious)

So if you want to understand yourself or someone else better I'd highly recommend this book.

But then again, a huge part of my personality is this introspective self-awareness discovery mumbo jumbo.... and as I've discovered I feel like once I've learned something or experienced something I have to tell the world about it.... so if you ever wonder why I am okay exposing all my inner thoughts, feelings, and insecurities with the whole blogging world....

It's my nature.


Aaron said...

Oh my gosh, I love personality tests - AB, colors, dressing your truth, and I think I remember taking this one too. I'll have to look it up and figure myself out!

Aaron said...

It's me (camile), not Aaron.... again. :)