Thursday, July 5, 2012

Amalfi Coast and Sorento

I was afraid that people were getting sick of seeing the pictures of the trip... but I was just assured that at least some people are loving them.  So here is the next day.  Today Linz said, "Sometimes it looks like you just copied and pasted yourself into the most beautiful picture you could find on the internet.... it really was that amazingly beautiful.  I tried to explain it to ya while I was there, but clearly pictures say thousands of words I never could.  So here ya go, Shane's Mission:
This is Sorento.  Possibly the cutest city in the world.

A Pizza Vending Machine!!!!! SERIOUSLY!
I must have died and gone to heaven.

Best cheese of the trip.

So this is where you take the elevator down to go to the black sand beach.
(Black sand is from Pompey exploding... and black sand is hot.)

Best lay out beds... chairs... whatever you want to call them, EVER!

 Just some views from town.

The cute security guard that kept lifting up the arm thing so it wouldn't be in our picture.
(You can see it right over my right shoulder)

Just another day in paradise.

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Matthew and Lindsey said...

Yep I was right...totally photoshopped right in there. Glad you keep posting because now I can daydream about more places I want to visit. Oh and I also like seeing the pics cuz then I can think to myself-I was with her when she picked out that outfit! last picture is by far the new fav.