Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All Roads Lead to Rome

 Our first view of the Colosseum.  It's crazy really. You are just driving down a normal road and look up and go, "Oh there is the Colosseum."  

 We just did a drive by.... which  I was totally fine with.

 It was about 45 minutes into our bus tour of the city that I look over and see Danielle looking like this:
 A one day of touring Rome is TOTALLY and complete insane.... overwhelming to say the least.  But hey we did it.  Oh and speaking of out of control.  Here is some parallel parking for ya.
 The entrance of Rome.

 Roman McDonald's was pretty insane too.  LOOK at the pastries!

 This guy gave us flowers.......... then asked for money.  (we gave them back.)
 This guy wanted my number.....
 And this guy.... made the Roman Adventure.... well he made it.
Don't mind my skirt half way up my belly.... I'm hiding my money bag.
 Our "authentic" Italian lunch included free wi-fi.
 When in Rome.
Okay, I'll admit it. I really did taste it.  It was nasty.  Bad wine?
 I don't know but it tasted like watered down balsamic vinegar.  
 Waiting to get into the Vatican.  It took almost an hour.

 But when we finally got tickets....

450 feet is how long this hallway was. 450 feet.  INSANE

Americans through and through

Way too far away

 Two security guards.... one, we clearly took the picture for the costume.... the other... well you be the judge.

Rome.  You were hot.  Exhausting.  and Overwhelming.  But man were you beautiful.

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