Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nothing like a sunrise to make you ponder.

Barcelona: Day 14
As I ran laps around the top of the cruise ship this morning I couldn't help reflect as I watched the sun start as just a few streaks of pinks and yellows in the haze on the crest of the Mediterranean to a brilliant orange as it rose. That is one of the fun things about running. If I would have been just staring at the sunrise I wouldn't have made it 10 minutes, but since I was running while I watched it the whole thing. Because it was the last day of the cruise it was extremely peaceful on the top of the ship. I only saw two people that joined me on a run for a little bit. The cool sea breeze and the peace of the brilliant sky made it a perfect scene to reflect.

What have I learned and how I am a different person from going on this crazy adventure. (Just so you can imagine what it is like while I am typing this blogpost, I'm sitting on a very crowded airplaine... of course in the middle seat only 2.5 hours in to our 11 hour fly. We just finished a delicious mushroom beef with rosemary red potatoes dinner that competed with or was better than more than half the dinners we are on our ship. I felt a bit guilty when we met a family from Philly who said the food on the ship was some of the best food they have ever eaten. The mom said she will never be able to compete with such delicious food.... yes Danielle and I felt extremely guilty because we didn't eat ¼ of our dinners because we thought they were gross... but I'll get to that on my next blogspot. So here I am, on a flight that is 11 hours and going to be light the ENTIRE flight because we follow the sun. Our flight took off at 5:30 pm and we arrive in San Fran at 7:30. Yes, time wise our flight only took 2 hours. But if I could take a picture of Danielle with her head on her tray table trying to sleep... you would definitely know this flight is not 2 hours. So anyways I am sitting here listening to classical music through the inflight radio (I already ran out the battery of one iPod listening to Harry Potter book 7 and want to save the other iPod for when things get desperate around hour 8-11) So I am listening to classical music and sipping on Chamomile tea feeling so high class. So back to what I learned from this trip.

The most valuable thing I have learned that I think is to important to learn over and over and over again is how wonderful people are. Jason has laughed at my blogposts saying how boring Europe sounds... I am not sky diving, para sailing, or even scuba diving. He even said, “Reading your blog has made me never want to go to Europe.” But looking back at the trip, the beauty of the places was remarkable. The views of these cute little towns with rocky cliffs built on the Mediterranean sea was amazing. The shops, the lifestyles, the food, the fashion, the culture.... so fun. But the best part of the trip hands down were the people that we met. It gave me a renewed hope in human nature. We met people from all walks of life with all types of lifestyles. New Yorkers that threw out the F word like it was going out of style, a family from St. Pete's Florida who came on the trip to give their private schooled teenagers some culture, a first year med student doing humanitarian work in Romania, or the numerous gay couples that added so much spice and fun to everything. We became hopefully famous... not infamous, as the “teachers” on ship. As we were getting off the ship a guy I had chatted in the laundry room with was on our elevator. I hadn't noticed him and he goes, “Oh hey teach!” or as we were standing in line to board our first flight the family in front of us turned around and said, “Oh weren't you the teachers?”

Despite a few rude French people.... the most wonderful part of this whole trip was how amazing people are. People are good. People are kind. No matter where they are from, no matter what their faith or lack of faith is. I know I am not telling you anything you don't already know.... but it's so refreshing to learn it again. I have faith in humanity again. I dare another group of 14-15 year old teenagers to try and suck that faith out of me. We took lots of pictures with random people. With the nice taxi drivers, the waiters, randoms.... because the beauty of the Mediterranean.... you can look that up google and find pictures so much more spectacular than the ones I took. But what you can't find are the faces of all the good good people that we met.

P.S. I am now now home and will be putting up pictures from the trip soon!

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