Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Leavin' on a jet plane.

John Denver's folk song has always been one of my all time favorite classics.  It may have even been the first real song I learned on the guitar.  (I don't count Every Rose has it's Thorn by Poison... although a great song it only has practically one chord).

I love the song because it is so bitter sweet.  "Kiss me and smile for me.  Tell me that you'll wait for me.  Hold my like you'll never let me go."  We've always known I'm a melodramatic emo at heart.

So today I am finally starting an adventure that I have wanted to take probably since I met Fernando and Joanie 6 years ago.  I'll never forget one of the first times I met Joanie and I told her I hate traveling.  haha she hated me when she first met me.  I've never put the two together, but this is probably why.  Joanie has been to Europe I think 6 times? And her passion and love for the continent was contagious.  Then Fernando served in Italy.  Spending lunch hour with them for 2 years was enough to convince me that I belonged on the Mediterranean.  Then I became friends with Shane Michael Mount, and that was the end.  All I have done since is dream about the day when I get to lay on the shores of the Adriatic Sea eating caprese salad and having beautiful Italian men at my beckoning call.  (Ok, I'm kinda kidding about the Italian men... I hear they are annoying.)

So here I am at 4:30 am... and I can't sleep.  I'll be honest, I am a nervous wreck.  I've packed and repacked a dozen times.  (I am terrified because I didn't take Joanie's advice... I am probably bringing WAY too much stuff)  I've gone over all of the worst case sinerios with the veteran Cruise ship director Emmie (which put me much at ease.... I'm no longer scared of missing the boat or getting lost... the only real fear I have is being kidnapped and sold into the Sex Slave Trade... but if that happens, what a way to go right?) And yesterday I even talked to Shane to get really jazzed about it all.

And let's be honest, it's probably a good thing that I only got like 3 hours of sleep... for anyone that has tried to sit next to me in Sacrament Meeting, a play, or even a movie knows... the 11 hour flight across the Atlantic just might kill me. But I've got sleeping pills, a laptop, and 2 ipods with the entire A&E Version of Pride and Prejudice... so hopefully somehow I'll survive.

I feel like I have thought of everything, done everything, gone over everything (who knew I have become such a worrier???) And so now all I can do is sit and wait.  Well kind of... it's now 5:14 am and my favorite gym class starts at 6, so it looks like I will be making one more trip to the gym before I leave.  Oh here is a hilarious side note.  I am kinda worried how I am going to fit my workouts in.... (Pathetic and addicted I know. OH here is a HILARIOUS youtube video about runners... if you know someone that is addict to running or working out you'll love this video.)Anyways, at the gym yesterday, my gym friends were like, "Why are you worried, are your friends you are going with not big worker-outers?"  I hesitated a little... "Not really."  Then I had to laugh.  ALL THREE girls I am going with are PE teachers.  How about that for ironic.  But don't worry, although I am going to be VERY VERY tempted to.... I am not going to try and run around any of the ports we are stopping at.  I am convinced that is the best way to get to know any place you are visiting, (the way I got to know Annapolis, Chicago, heck, even Provo) but I recognize the risk outweighs the possible rewards... unless I really do want to get kidnapped, so I will stick to the cruise ship to work out.

Back to John Denver... although I have dreamed about this trip for years, it's a kinda bittersweet day.  Partially because I'm so nervous but mainly because "Every place I go, I'll think of you.  Every song I sing, I'll sing for you"  but who knows.... maybe when I get back.... I'll wear his wedding ring.

I kid I kid.
It's the ADHD in me... sometimes I like to say things just for the drama of it all.

Wish me luck!  Hopefully I will be posting throughout the trip.  If not, see ya in 2 weeks!


theriddle said...


You are not going to get kidnapped in Europe. I'm laughing at you for even thinking it. you will be in NO danger unless you are in Morocco or Russia.

If you are in Italy, Spain, Greece or Croatia or anywhere else on the Europe side of the Meditation you are very safe. I've jogged early mornings in Spain, Germany, France, Greece and Italy. I hope you do go jogging as my favorite parts of Europe 2004 were waking up early and running through Italy. That was back when I was in super good shape. sigh.

I'm sorry you didn't take my packing advice, but next time you will.

I didn't hate you, Your beauty intimidated me.

I hope you really have fun in Europe and I'm sad you didn't come see me before the trip. I'll get over it.

My advice, get up early and explore the towns before sunrise. You will be safe. All the old ladies are out early at the markets (not that you are an old lady I'm just sayin.)

love you!

Lynette said...

Please do not jog by yourself..