Friday, June 1, 2012

The Grounds of Pimberely

In all of movie history one of my favorite moments is in the A&E's version of Pride and Prejudice. Although I've read the classic I don't remember if it was portrayed as well in the book as in this version of the movie. I do know some versions of the story definitely don't do this particular moment in the story justice.

Poor Lizzy has already had to reject Mr. Darcy's "love against his will" once. She is absolutely disgusted with him, his treatment of poor Mr. Wickham, and his role in breaking up the possible union of her beloved sister. Absolutely disgusted until.... She "stumbles" upon the grounds of Pimberely, Mr. Darcy's estate.

The best moment in the A&E version is when Elizabeth and her beloved sister are lying in bed after everyone has discovered that Elizabeth has accepted Mr. Darcy's proposal. In complete confusion Jane asks,"but you detested Mr. Darcy.... When did you first realized that you loved him?". Lizzy's most classic response,"It was when I saw the grounds of Pimberely."

I'm not confessing any sort of chance of proposal or even undying devotion... But I'll tell ya what.... Last night I saw the grounds of Pimberely.

(please excuse my miss quotes and poor spelling... Once again I am on my stupid iPhone)


Angela said...

The way to a girl's heart is to, in some way or other, make life more beautiful for her.
And that is what Pemberley does.

{Kate Elizabeth Valadez} said...

Too bad you never send them for me to edit ;)
p.s. i'm excited about this post!