Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 3: Barcelona and the Carnaval Breeze

P.S. So I'll admit it, I am addicted to the Internet. I hate to say it but it is very true.... so true that I just spend $60 to get 120 minutes of Internet on the ship. Why? 2 reasons.... first, I miss the BF. (Pathetic) second, and historically more significant... if I don't blog as I go, I will forget SO much about this trip.

Today started with another amazing run around Barcelona. I loved every minute of it! I am so convinced that running a city is the only way to really get to know it. It was so fun! Flower stand, Newspaper boys (shockingly not one stitch of porn anywhere!), and of course lots and lots of pastries! Sailboats. I love sailboats.

After the run I went down the the breakfast. It was an amazing breakfast full of everything that is wonderful about Europe. Breads, meats, cheese, pastries, juices, and EVEN TOMATOES! Absolutely amazing.

After breakfast we wondered the streets seeing the most famous cathedral in all of Spain. It took over 100 years to create. One of the highlights of getting into this cathedral was you had to have your legs and shoulders covered to enter... which I think is SO cool that they enforce that. Anyways we were headed to the beach after so we were in our sundresses... my solution. I threw on a cardigan and undid the straps of my dress so I was low riding it so my dress reached my knees. I am pretty impressed. (Just you wait for the pictures!)

After enjoying the shops around city center we headed over to the beach. Danielle and I were both a little scared of being scarred by more naked men... but luckily it was only the girls today that thought they didn't need tops. The water was a beautiful turquoise and warm. For lunch we found a hole in the wall pizza joint... literally hole in the wall. I have absolutely loved the small cobble stone streets and the amazing architecture everywhere. It kinda bums me out that we don't care as much about architecture anymore. Oh well.

After we headed back to our hotel to get our luggage, change, and get a taxi to the port. Our taxi guy was hilarious. He pulled up to the taxi next to us... I am assuming the other driver was his friend. They started chatting. I didn't understand exactly what he said but I kinda guessed he was talking about us. Comes to find out he said, “Don't you wish you had girls as beautiful as I have in your taxi.” Cute... I guess.

When we got to the ship at 4:00 we figure we were there with plenty of time... since it takes off at 5:30. Oh no... we were very very late according to the security guy. No lines... yes we were the last two people that got on the ship. Oops.

Met a delightful couple from Philly as we were doing the safety presentation. Older couple, he's Jewish she's an Asian economics professor... super duper fun. They travel a lot. I love asking travelors where they love. Their top 4:
  1. Italy
  2. Israel (VERY interesting because neither are religious)
  3. Beaunos Aris
  4. Paris

Then we explored the ship will all sorts of fun things to do until dinner time when we finally met up with Erin and McKenzie, the other two girls that are joining us on this adventure. The rest of the night was spent eating, hot tubbing, and even some karakee in our swimsuits with our towels wrapped around.... seeing Earl has to Die by Dixie Chicks.... real classy.


theriddle said...

I don't want to get on your Mom's bad side but I'm so glad you are running and loving it. You are my hero! I so wish I were with you!

Keep blogging.

Lynette said...

Wish I could say the same,....but now she's on the ship and can jog and exercise there. Hurrah