Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 2: Barcelona

Sadly, my phone's wi-fi is not working!  It is driving me nuts.  So this might be the last time I have internet for who knows how long....

This morning I went on the most delightful fun around Barcelona.  (THANK YOU JOANIE for yelling at me on the phone right before I got on the plane telling me to get up early and go running.) (Sorry Mom.)  I can not believe how clean and beautiful this city is!  It is unreal.  I wish I could show you all the amazing pictures.

And oh the food.... gelato twice last night.... (with a veggie salad... that makes up for it right?) and this morning our continental breakfast at our hotel on Los Ramblas (The Miracle Mile of Barcelona) is unreal!  We are in the heart of all the tourist attraction.  Hopefully I get internet soon as well as an american outlet so I can charge this computer... otherwise who knows when you'll hear from me again! CIAO!

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Danielle said...

I'm sorry I have to comment. I'm so jealous of your trip. Living through your blog and love it. Hope your having fun.