Sunday, June 24, 2012

Breaking Point: Sicily

Everyone has a breaking point. The point in which everything just comes crumbling down. Something snaps and you are just done. No matter how hard you try you are finished. Today on day 10 of the trip I finally hit my breaking point. I am actually quite shocked. I really thought it would be before today. With the jet lag, possible motion sickness, the crowds and heat... I thought I would have a pretty weak breaking point. But I guess it's been the 43 days of training at Disneyland that built up my endurance... but no matter someone's endurance eventually everyone breaks. And today was definitely the day.

The great news? Today I toured a darling little tourist trap on the Island of Sicily called Taormina by myself. The girls had hit their breaking points days ago and knew they couldn't handle another hot day in a city center. So why was this great news? Although I hit my breaking point, I didn't snap at anyone. Rather I sat in the shade on some steps eating some peach and pineapple gelato trying to enjoy the beauty around me (despite my feeling of snapping any moment) when these two cute old ladies from Pennsylvania came and sat next to me. We had a wonderful conversation when one of the ladies decided she wanted to shop a little more. So it was me and one of the ladies. I found out that her husband had passed away about two years ago from lung cancer and we just sat and cried together as she told me the story of his passing. I bawled and bawled. All I could mumble out between sobs was, “How wonderful that you had 54 great years together.” She patted my arm and said, “Don't worry pretty girl, you'll find your best friend too.”

The rest of the day in Taormina I just cried as I wandered down the streets of this darling ancient city that over looked the beautiful turquoise sea. Luckily I had sunglasses so no one really seemed to notice. The only thing that stopped me from breaking was.... you guessed it. Food. A delightful rich cannoli dipped in pistachios and chocolate chips. It was hands down the most delicious thing I have eaten on this entire trip. It was so rich I couldn't eat the whole thing but man oh man oh man it was heaven. It was very different from the cannoli's I've had... the ricata cheese mixture in the middle was a little thinner and lighter and the pastry shell was thicker, almost like a waffle cone, but more fragile. Ah... my mouth waters just thinking about it now.

So today. It was rough. But I survived. And now I am laying in my bed where I just might stay for a long long time.... or until dinner ;)

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