Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The BF

is a total trooper.

As I was driving home from Disneyland tonight I giggled to myself about all the things the poor BF had to go through the last couple of days.

- He went on a run with me through the gorgeous rolling hills of San Diego county filled with vineyards and orchards. Amazing, but the poor guy isn't a runner.
- He had to "audition" last night as part of the after dinner entertainment.  He showed some videos and played the piano for the group.  Nils said, "He had me at the piano."  We all pretty much melted.
- He had to endure endless stories about my past boyfriends.... my family history.... and even about the time I peed my pants at Disneyland. (Don't even ask :)
-THEN he had  to be interrogated by the rath of Raine. 20 questions later, he came out on top.
- He was my chauffeur everywhere we went the entire trip.... which was fabulous for me, and I'm sure he didn't mind until tonight.  One of the worst experiences ever on an LA freeway... Driving in the diamond lane all of the sudden the person in front of us swerves out of the lane barely missing the pick-up "stalled" in front of them.  The BF SLAMS on the breaks barely stopping in time to not hit the truck.  I was instantly terrified that someone behind us was going to slam into us.  It was terrible... I didn't know what to do.  There wasn't enough room for us to get any type of speed to go into the other lane.  I was just bracing myself to get rear-ended any moment.  I see the guy in the passenger side of the pick-up get out and run along the side of the road to pick something up.  I honest to goodness could not believe my eyes when I saw what he grabbed on the side of the road.  I sweatshirt.  THE GUY stopped in the MIDDLE of the diamond lane FOR A SWEATSHIRT!  He casually through the shirt back in the BACK of the pick up and took off.  But as he ran passed, the BF's window was down.... I was so mad I wanted to hit him! Scream at him!  Call him every dirty name in the book.  Honestly I would love to know what these idiots were thinking, "OH crap there went my sweatshirt..... Oh I'll stop in the middle of the freeway, in the fast lane, and have my buddy run back and grab it." What did the BF say, "Are you kidding me man?"  Seriously.. he is so cool.  Although we were both a wreck!  Shaking. Jumpy. Terrified the rest of the drive.... he was so cool, didn't yell, didn't cuss.... kinda a keeper.
- But the roughest thing the poor guy went through..... today we climbed to the ridge of the GMR on bikes.  If you don't remember, you can read about it here, but we rode probably 2,000 feet in 6 miles of straight up switch back climbing.... now that is the sign of a real trooper.

Bottom line is......... he's a keeper.

more important question though, is after a California vacation like that with me...... does he still think I'm worth it.  Only time will tell.


Laura Barker said...

I am so happy for you but this is just pure torture! Feel free to put up a picture of name drop at any time. lol

Jen and Jake Boyer said...

yes, he does:)