Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The best day of my life

(The pictures are TERRIBLE. My lens on my phone camera is so scratched it doesn't take a good picture anymore. Good news is Jason is changing the back of my phone as soon as I get home! :)

It's crazy... you never know when that day is going to hit, the day that is so spectacular that for the rest of your life you are going to continue to talk about that one time that you (dot, dot, dot)

Today started like any other day. My stupid alarm clock went off... I really didn't want to get up. I really didn't want to go hit the gym... but you know me, so I did. I finally found the actual gym on ship. Quite lovely actually. I ran on the treadmill, I did weights and abs, and then I was planning on doing one last little “insanity” workout before calling it quits. I had stretched out beforehand because I realized it had been quite some time since I had really hardcore worked out (since the day I left).... but I didn't realize my body was suck a wreck until I went to do a jumping jack. Snap. I completely destroyed my neck and back. Couldn't move my head to look up or down and could barely move it left to right...

Now clearly that doesn't sound like one the start to one of those days that is going to go down as possibly the best day of your life....

But the I walked outside. Right in front of me was the Amalfi Coastline. I have no idea how to possibly put into words the beauty of the blue ocean hitting the rocky cliffs with houses and buildings and flowers... OH THE FLOWERS! It was like Orange County on crack. I seriously laughed. No wonder Shane was such a snob. He went from living in San Juan Capistrano to serving almost his entire mission on the Amalfi Coast.

We drove the 45 minute drive from Salerno to Sorrento. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. When I hear Sorrento all I think of is the cheese. All of the hills and mountains between Salerno and Sorrento were completely covered with greenery. The closest thing I can think of to describe the beauty of the mountains is Hawaii. The vegetation was that think. And then we turned the corner and headed down to the darling little town of Sorrento. Huge massive cliffs on both sides with this whole town built pretty much on the cliff. And then I couldn't tell how but there was a cute little beach with docks surrounding it.

We were let loose to explore the cute town. Flowers, citrus fruit, and gelato everywhere I turned! The cutest shops and vendors everywhere. Honestly, when I imagined what Italy would be like, this was it. Although I had been trying to have a positive attitude in Florence and Rome... I was kinda disappointed. I had dreamed of what Italy would be like, and honestly.... Florence and Rome were not it. I now know that Sorrento is what I dreamed of. Every single place you looked could have been a painting. So green, so lush, so picture perfect.

On the drive to Sorrento I met the most darling mom and daughter sitting behind me on the bus. The mom's grandparents were from Italy originally but currently live in New York. So the mixture of New Yorkian and Italian was awesome! She told me the story of her grandpa and why he came to America. Of course I had to tell her the story of my Italian roots... dating back to 1850ish? When Lorenzo Snow hiked up on top of the Italian Alps and converted by Italian relatives. The mom was so excited to find out I was Mormon because that was how she discovered her relatives that still live in Sicily that they are going to visit on our stop.

Anyway, Lauren, my new New Yorkian friend and I had a lovely lunch in a street cafe where of course I hate caprese salad and a margarita pizza. It was everything that I could have possible hoped for. The mozzarella was hands down the best I'd ever tasted. It was fresh but it had a lot more flavor... maybe salter than I've ever had before. (And we all know I am nutz about caprese salads and have had them all across the U.S.)

When it was time to hit the beach we went to a hotel that had an elevator that took us down to the beach. The sand was black from the explosion of the volcano that killed the entire city of Pompey. (yes we didn't go to Pompey and I am not one stitch sad about it) It was interesting because the beach was very privately controlled. So much so that there were only certain chairs were could lay in and places we could change. I only stayed at the beach long enough to get some pictures and jump in to cool off (another unbelievably hot day). I figured I will have PLENTY of time to lounge at a beach or by a pool (and we all know I am trying my hardest to not care about being tan anymore) so I figured wandering around the most beautiful place I'd ever been sounded like I much better idea. But of course McKenzie and I found wii-fi on a street corner. So I bought a 2 liter bottle of water and I sat on a bench and facetimed Jason for the next hour. I couldn't resist but take this picture of what he looks like when I wake him up at all times of the night. Hilarious and so freaking cute.

After McKenzie (who is engaged) and I got our fix we wandered around the city. I took loads of pictures and can not wait for you to see them because I can not describe the beauty. It is my favorite place on the entire plant. I love it more than Glendora, Red Cliffs, and even..... Disneyland. (Gasp) The people were extremely nice as well. It was so sweet, McKenzie and I wanted to get a picture right outside of the cute private garden. So as we were taking pictures of each other with the gorgeous flowers of this garden the security guard would life the arm to the road so we wouldn't have the ugly thing in our picture. Of course we got a picture of him.

Maybe I'm just a flirt or like the attention way too much, but it was hilarious how many guys came up and tried to flirt, get my number, or ask me to go to the beach with them. I tell ya.... if you ever need a confidence boost, come to southern Italy! But the ultimate compliment was how many people started speaking to me in French thinking I was from France. But of course as soon as I started to talk my nasty English... they all caught on fast. Italian, Spanish, and French are so much more beautiful. Why did we have to pick English?

As we drove back today I knew it. I knew this was going to be one of those days that for the rest of my life if someone asks my favorite place... this would be it. This was the place I would always dream of returning to. The place I will always beg to go to. No Hawaii, Caribbean, or even Disneyland for me. I will be saving all my pennies to return and stay for weeks.

So funny little side note: so after the trip as we were boarding the cruiseship there was someone from the spa there offering 3 types of messages for $99. (normally I would think that is way too much, but a stupid message is normally like $200) $99... what a deal! And since my neck hurt so bad still I figured I should just pay the price and get it fixed. The spa was unreal. It was beautiful, it smelt deliciously clean, the music so soothing, and of course walls of windows facing the Amalfi Coast at sunset. You can not beat that.

So before the message the lady asked me my problem areas yada yada yada... I told her I have the dryest skin you'll ever see. When I say that I think people actually think I am exaggerating. The message was fabulous. But I knew it was a bad sign when she finished she told me to get dressed and go sit on the couch.

She gave me a diagnosis on all my problems. First thing she said, “You really need to start drinking water immediately.” Which of course I had to laugh at.... earlier today Danielle said, “Kristin, you drink more water than anyone I've ever met.” When I told the girl that she said, “Then here are all the products you need.” of course amounting to almost a thousand dollars. When I said, “No thank you.” She said, “You have absolutely horrible skin. Do you even use lotion?” And that's when I really smiled... WHO says that? No tip for you.

The best thing of tonight.... banana bread pudding with a caramel sauce. Divine. (and I don't even like bread pudding!)


Matthew and Lindsey said...

I am so happy and jealous of you. One day I will be there. I love reading your descriptions. Seriously. Oh and I have to tell you I am done with disc 1 of the OC and am loving it.........

Sara Peterson said...

So I hope you get some pictures that you'll let me paint!