Friday, June 29, 2012

Barcelona Pictures

I couldn't decide if I wanted to try and put the pictures into the previous blogpost I already wrote... and decided it was probably too much work. So instead, I am just going to start from the begining and one day at a time put up the pictures of each day. So day1 and day 2. Traveling and Barcelona.

*If you click on the first picture you can just scroll through all the pictures or you can read my little commentary by just scrolling down.

Our Airplane Buddies: Devin and Jake.  Poor Danielle had to deal with Devin
asking her all flight if she'd change him seats so he could sit by me...
Yeah clearly didn't happen.  But we definitely didn't want to forget them!

Pitstop in Germany.

 The jump.... and the fall.
 *Notice the horrified woman.
 I really do love McDonalds.
 We just wanted a cute picture on this street.... and then these two guys on a scooter decided they wanted to be in the picture too!

 First Gelato... kinda a big deal.

 Typical European Breakfast.

 So in order to go into the Cathedral you have to have your shoulders covered and skirt to your knees.  So I had to change my beach attire....and the guard outside the Cathedral to make sure everyone is following the dresscode.

 So we thought we'd hit up the Picasso Museum... until we saw the line and the cost..... so we settled with a picture of the sign. Yep we are that high class.

 Yogurtland of Barcelona.  And the cute Dutch girl that worked there.  She loves Grey's Anatomy and Friends.

Just some spectacular food...

 The Mediterranean Sea!  Watch out for the nude beaches.... they were everywhere!

 Dinner on the ship.  We were in love with the Molten Chocolate Cake........ loved.

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