Monday, June 11, 2012

2 Words that Make Me Uncomfortable.

Brazilian and Blowout.  2 words that I find quite awkward.  But who knew that putting them together who knew they would change my life!

The BF's sister does hair.  And I kinda smile... cuz my hair was kinda terrible while we were in CA.  I  didn't straighten it very well because A. My hair is SO SO SO damaged that I am trying my hardest to not straighten it. B. Humidity sucks so unless you have the right products (Which I ran out of) it's almost pointless to try and straighten hair like mine.  C. We were going to the beach/pool most of the time.  Anyways, I had to smile when Jen suggested we do a Brazilian Blowout to my hair.  (I feel like she was trying to help out her poor brother's girlfriend with nasty frizzy hair.)  (P.S. if she read this, I hope she laughs... cuz that was supposed to be funny)

I had never done a Brazilian Blowout for 2 reasons: 1. I asked Andrea, my hair girl, if it was good for your hair, and she said she wasn't really sure. 2. I know it can cost like $300.

So it didn't take Jen much to convince me to do it when she said it actually helps your hair and that she only charges $100! (For the record she said she'd do it for free...)

Anyways, if you are considering doing a blowout, if you have unmanageable naturally curly hair, DO IT!

My proof: here is what my hair looked like just getting out of the shower and letting it air dry in HUMIDITY.  I recognize if you don't know what my hair would naturally look like, it looks like my hair isn't even straight.  But those few unfortunate souls that have seen my hair after I let it air dry or blow dry, then you know this is AMAZING!

Today I took a shower at my parents and took off for Provo with my hair wet.  It air dried by the time I got up here... and then it took me TEN minutes to curl my hair.  EUROPE 2012 is going to be SO MUCH easier!  THANK YOU JEN!


Camile said...

I guess the grass is greener on the other side. I always wished my hair had a little more volume and maybe some natural curl. But my hair is SO flat and straight.

Well, your hair looks great! And for free - sweet!

novelstone said...

What on earth would it be like to just let your hair air dry? Is that even possible?