Sunday, May 20, 2012


Like  many times when I start a post, I just stare at the blank screen with the cursor blinking anxious to get to work.  I don't know how to communicate what I want to say in this post.  So I guess we'll start at the beginning.

Russ and I carpooled together for 2 years.... that's on average of an hour and half together every day... just me and Russ and when I was driving my radio was broken so typically my pathetic collection of burnt CDs from the late 1990's.  If you are thinking poor Russ... you are right.  Someday maybe I'll have to try and write about the lesson's learned on those many car rides.  But that is not the purpose of this post.

Now I wonder what I am trying to write.  I mean it's kinda awkward that I am making a whole blogpost about him.... I actually am hoping that he doesn't read it.  Or if he does, he can just pretend like he didn't.  But that's kinda how our friendship works, although I typically like to pry into everyone's lives... with Russ, if he tells great, if he doesn't, I just wonder.

Russ is hands down the kindest, coolest guy I know.  He's a genius.  (Literally.) (For your skeptics out there, he scored so high on the PSAT in junior high that he had a full-tuition and possibly more scholarship to college) (He scored in the 99% on the GMAT) Anyway, I am so jealous of Russ right now.  He is doing what I think I hope to get to do some day.

What is he doing?  He's driving across the country.  I would give anything to be on his trip right now.  He is just that cool.

Point is: read his blog.  It's awesome.  (and for the record I am not saying this just because his last post is named Disneyland.)

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