Friday, May 18, 2012


There are all sorts of topics dancing through my head.

- I want to talk about rejection... (yes I've been rejecting and being rejected all bloody week and I am sick of it)

-I want to talk about the Julius Ceasar's "Let the die be cast" heart to heart I gave today.... I want to write about all the papers I read from sweet 15 year old girls that their biggest regret was not telling their parents as soon as they found out their older brother was doing drugs (yes I got 4 papers on that this year). Stupid brothers... I hate that these poor girls feel like it's their fault that their brothers almost ODed.

-I want to talk about how I have no clue where I will be staying this summer, what I will be doing this summer.

-I want to write about how I chose to be with Peter Pan, he really hates the name I gave him, can you blame him, but it is so fitting!

-Oh and I want to talk about the Season Finale of Grey's and Vampire Diaries.... both of them, kinda done.

But the most wonderful thing is... I know my mom is alive!  How do I know you ask?  Because suddenly someone from Madrid, Spain keeps reading my blog.  I sure can't wait for her to get home!


Angela said...

i hear neverland has pirates and indians so watch out for those...let's just go to france instead :O)

Natalie said...

didn't see vampire diaries but i hated the greys season finale. so lame!