Monday, May 7, 2012

Parson Disneyland Trip 2012

Let's just let the pictures speak for themselves!

 Clearly they are so excited to get to Splash Mountain, that they had to run.

 Waiting for it the park to open.

 Peter Pan! (Nick clearly isn't the person to ask to take a picture with a DLR camera.)


 What was the highlight of the day for Del?  Hanging out with the artists!...shocking.

 Jake AKA Indiana Jones was quite the celebrity.  Everyone wanted to get his autograph, pictures, or other celebrities wanted to talk to him.

 One of our fondest memories of Disneyland is playing the "Penny Game".  It's quite simple really, but boy it can be awesome!  All the game is, grab a penny and throw it at a wall.  The person that gets closest to the wall... wins.  The kids loved playing with "Grumpa"

 The new Ice Cream parlor!  The sprinkle dipped waffle cone was FANTASTIC!

Del getting popcorn.  It's just funny, cuz Del doesn't buy anything. 


Best Disneyland Trip Ever!

Up next.... The Magical Wedding!

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Caralee said...

Adorable pics! How fun to have almost the whole family together in disneyland! We are going there this week. So excited! Thanks for sharing your pictures and expert tips for disneyland on your blog :)