Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Love Weddings

Our day at Disneyland was interupted for a few hours to go to the family dinner the night before the wedding.  There is something just spectacular about the golden hour as the sun is setting.  The dinner was amazing!

My family is starting to have a tradition of visiting a McDonalds for breakfast before a wedding.... because heaven forbid we be hungry in the temple!

After the ceremony there is a long waiting period... so we got lots of good pictures in!
Hands down my favorite picture of the WHOLE weekend.

Nothing like a Diet Coke to make a wedding better.

I LOVE the wedding parties clothes!

I can't even say what was my favorite... the flowers, the food, the CAKE (which didn't have frosting, it was AMAZING!), or the band.  Probably the band.  It was unreal!

Bouquet number 29.... yes I caught it, but I gave to Sadie immediately!
There was LOTS of fun dancing... so we had some great judges.

I know this video is sideways, but I just wanted you to get to hear some of the band.  It was so awesome.... excuse my laughing.

What a great day!

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